Since the temporary closure of Disney Parks due to Covid in 2020, guests have been waiting in the regular standby lines for attractions throughout Disney World. “But how do we get on rides?” was the number one question received from clients. There has been no “Fastpass” option for guests and only a standby line, which is an incredibly difficult concept for Walt Disney World visitors in the present. Finally, in October 2021 Genie + became available to guests as a paid option for quicker lines.

The Basics of Genie+:

Genie+ can be added to any type of Walt Disney World ticket package. Whether it’s a ticket only or a resort stay ticket, the cost is $15 per ticket per day plus tax. Genie+ is also a very flexible product to add to certain days or certain people in your party. Unlike many Disney vacation products, you can choose to add to some of your days or all and to some of your family/friends or all. To add to the entire length of your ticket, just let your Me and The Mouse Specialist know and she can add to a ticket purchase or package at the time of booking. If you decide you want to add Genie+ to your ticket, you can do so as soon as the clock strikes midnight, but if you don’t want to stay up late, just make sure you have it purchased prior to 7 am Eastern, which is when you can make your first selection.

Is Genie+ Worth it for me?

While this is purely subjective, I will say that Genie+ is 100% worth it. Crowd levels in 2022 are increasing daily. On my most recent February trip, we saw lines for less popular attractions like Monsters Inc., Laugh Floor, and Star Tours posted for 60+ minutes throughout the entire day. Some scheduling ahead with Genie+ can save you hours of time in line and help you have a much more fun day. Without Genie+, you may get to do 4-6 attractions in one day, but with it, you will be able to do twice as much.

Genie+ Scheduling Tips:

Staying on top of your scheduling timeline is vital. At 7 am, you can make your first Lightning Lane selection. Don’t hesitate! Schedule that first one at 7 am for the ride you want to do the most. Immediately set an alarm for 2 hours after park opening and make your selection for that next attraction you want to make sure you hit. Keep scheduling every 2 hours or after scanning the checkpoint at one of your scheduled passes. You don’t have to wait to use one to make another. By using this technique, you may not have a ton of passes scheduled for the morning, but you can have back-to-back Lightning Lanes for the evening.

As a recent guest at Walt Disney World, and a Travel Agent who has seen “FastPass” evolve over the past 15 years, Genie+ is my favorite system to date. You NEED this product for your next Walt Disney World vacation! For more information about Genie+ or to add this product to your next vacation, reach out to your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist.