If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, chances are you have seen Sorcerer Mickey battle evil in this live show.  On my recent trip to Disneyland, I got to see the West Coast version of Fantasmic up close and personal and it did not disappoint.  Knowing that viewing areas are hard to come by in Disneyland, I opted to try one of the dining packages at River Belle Terrace.

River Belle Terrace is located in Disneyland park in New Orleans Square next to Pirates of the Caribbean and right in front of Rivers of America.  This is an outdoor café and makes for a truly beautiful experience to sit out in the California sun and have a nice meal.  The menu for the Fantasmic Package is a Prix Fix Menu which includes a non-alcoholic beverage, an appetizer, which was a choice between a salad or corn chowder, main dish, which had several choices such as half BBQ chicken, fried chicken sandwich, pulled pork or a beef brisket sandwich, and Maleficient Dragon Fantasmic dessert.  I thought the food here was outstanding! In my opinion, the winners of the meal were the corn chowder and brisket sandwich.  The Maleficent Dragon Fastasmic was just a simple mousse but tasted great and beautifully presented.

After dinner, we had a few hours to roam the park and return with our reserved seating tickets.  Once we returned, the area was very crowded!  The areas were roped off based on the restaurant you chose.  River Belle Terrace audience members were squished into a small area, while the Blue Bayou customers had quite a bit of space.  Something to keep in mind in California is that the reserved seating areas are completely on the ground.  While this provided a very up-close viewing of the show, I didn’t love sitting on concrete.

For the price of $45 per adult, I feel like I had a great meal and appreciated not having to scope out a place to see Fantasmic hours before the show.  If I had it to do all over again, I would have spent a tad more and booked the dining package at Blue Bayou and just had a meal at River Belle Terrace, but overall I enjoyed and would recommend this experience to anyone visiting Disneyland.  For more information or to add this to your Disneyland package, contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist.