After five long years of anticipation, Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction is finally open! Tron Lightcycle Run is a fast-paced coaster that launches you right into the grid on a motorcycle-type ride vehicle.

How to Ride

There are currently only two ways to ride this attraction: Virtual queue or Individual Lightning Lane. There is a 7 am and 1 pm virtual queue available and one additional 6 pm virtual queue for guests staying at a deluxe Walt Disney World Resort.

Tips for Joining the Virtual Queue:

· Log in to the My Disney Experience app and select Join Virtual Queue from the home screen.

· Disable the wi-fi and use your phone’s data.

· Select your party BEFORE 7 am.

· Start hitting refresh at 6:59 am until you are accepted in the virtual queue and assigned a boarding group.

It’s not unusual for the virtual queue to fill up within milliseconds of the release. If you do not get a boarding group at 7 am, try again for the second virtual queue at 1 pm. This one is usually a little easier to get. Keep in mind, you have to be in the Magic Kingdom to be eligible for the 1 pm queue.

The easiest, but most expensive way to ride is by purchasing an Individual Lightning Lane. Price will vary by day but expect to pay about $20 per person. The biggest perk to the Individual Lightning Lane is that you have the control to select your ride time window. Without a doubt, the best time to ride is after dark!

For more tips on Tron, virtual queues, and more, contact your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist!