Who doesn't love a good donut? They certainly seem to be all the rage and we were glad to see this new addition to Disney World!

So, while we were in Disney Springs this month, we decided to head over to check out Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew.

Our family loves us some donuts...and we were fresh off a 3 day trip to Universal where we enjoyed Voodoo Donuts for breakfast the morning before (I’ll talk a little bit more about how they compare below).

First things first, I don’t love the location of this donut shop. It’s tucked way back over by the entrance to the orange garage. If you take the bus to Disney Springs or drive into one of the other garages, there’s a chance you would miss this completely. You really don’t even know it’s there unless you turn the corner. This does this delicious little shop a disservice, in my opinion.

…and it was delicious!

We went late in the morning on a Saturday of a busy week. There was no line and they weren’t sold out of any of the donuts, I was thrilled at the selection.

Since we were about to head over to our lunch reservation just 90 minutes later, we decided to share 2 donuts between us as a family of 4.

We went a little outside of our comfort zone with the Purple Ube donut and then we went for a standard Chocolate frosted. We felt like the chocolate frosted donut would create a fair standard for us to judge donuts on since we get that just about everywhere.

Let me tell you, these donuts did not disappoint. They were fresh, big, and easy to share. Everyone in the store was very friendly and helped us as we tried to understand these ube donuts…

And any hype you have heard about the Ube donuts (sweet but much healthier) is totally true. We LOVED this one! It’s a different consistency but the flavor is SO good.

I mentioned we had stopped over at Voodoo the day before when we were at Universal. How did they compare? I would say they are right up there with Voodoo. They don’t have quite the variety that Voodoo has but they also don’t have the crowd they do either. The bonus here is that they also weren’t sold out of any specific donuts as I mentioned above…we never quite know which donuts will still be available by the time we make our way over to Voodoo (we are NOT early risers for donuts, just for rides :).

What I didn’t love in comparison to Voodoo? The price of a donut at Everglazed was considerably higher at over $4 per donut.

…but would I go again? YES! And we will! I highly recommend that you check them out too! There are so many times we are in Disney Springs late morning (usually on our checkout day) and these donuts will be the perfect edition!

Now, go try that Ube donut!!