Doing laundry on a Disney Cruise is a great way to help if you are a light packer and/or you do not want to return home with dirty clothes. Disney makes it easy and convenient. Each of the Disney Cruise Line ships have 24-hour self-service laundry rooms.


  • $3.00 Washer
  • $3.00 Dryer
  • $1.00 Laundry Detergent

*Please note that prices are subject to change.

Paying is easy and you don’t need to lug quarters around. You simply use your Key to The World Card to purchase credits that can be used for each wash/dry cycle. The amount will be charged to your stateroom account. You will also will be given the option to share your credits with others in your stateroom at the time of purchase. I prefer to pack a few detergent pods before leaving home.

Since clothes irons and steamers are not permitted in any stateroom, the laundry rooms have an iron and ironing board for your convenience.


  • Dream and Fantasy

Deck 2 and decks 5-10

  • Magic and Wonder

Decks 2, 6, 7

You can also utilize the deck maps located by the elevators to find the location on that particular deck.

They do tend to get busy during the day, especially on sea days.  I have found throwing in a load and running up to the Cove Café to grab a cup of coffee works well. You will get notified via your stateroom wave phone and/or through the navigator app on your cell phone when your load is complete. Out of courtesy for others, it is requested that you remove your laundry as soon as you receive the notification.

Happy sailing!