Disney Cruise Line has adapted and changed quite a bit since relaunching after the COVID shutdown. Whether you are a first-time cruiser, or frequent Castaway Club member, knowing what to expect when you arrive for embarkation is imPORTant.

PortMiami sits inside Biscayne Bay on Dodge Island. This port is among the nation's busiest ports, moving around six million passengers and transporting goods by the billions. Disney Cruise Line is one of the many companies that occupy PortMiami. When you cross the bridge and arrive on the island, you will see cruise and cargo ships galore! Right in the middle of it all is Cruise Terminal C - Disney’s terminal. When you pull up, those giant red and black stacks with a giant Mickey head will let you know you’re in the right place!

Whether you are parking in the main garage directly across the way or being dropped off, you will have plenty of signage to point you where to go. Checked luggage should be unloaded right out front to the waiting Cast Members who will bring all of your luggage on board where it will then be delivered straight to your stateroom.

The boarding process is a little different while COVID tests are being administered, but they have it down to a science. Upon entering the terminal, you’ll go through a security checkpoint, then into a line where each person will be given a sealed COVID test kit. Multiple private screening areas are lining the wall. A Cast Member will direct your entire party to the next available station. Once inside, an Inspire/Safe Passage employee will help each person do their COVID swab then re-seal the package to be sent to the lab for testing.

After you have exited the testing area, head upstairs to the large waiting area where you will stay for approximately 45 minutes while waiting for your results. Every adult will have their own account and minors are linked to the adult’s account. Once your tests have been processed, you will receive an email and be able to check your results. Hopefully, everyone in your party will get the “Clear to Sail” status!

If there is an issue, an Inspire employee will be in contact with you to discuss the results. After being cleared, you’ll go to the check-in area to show your citizenship documents, get Oceaneers Club bands for the little ones, and most importantly get your Key to the World card. This card is essential onboard -- you will not be allowed on or off the ship without it, so keep it safe!

Crossing the jet bridge is the final step(s) before boarding the ship. When you hear “Disney Cruise Line welcomes aboard the (insert your name) Family” You will know it’s time for your amazing Disney vacation to begin!