If you are traveling on a Royal Caribbean cruise, it’s important to know your options regarding extra purchases and packages.  The most common question I get from clients is about beverages and beverage packages.  Here is what you need to know:

What’s included: There are a few select options available to you at no charge.  Tap water, coffee, iced tea, milk, lemonade, flavored water, juice, and hot chocolate are available to all guests free of charge.  If you want a little more variety, you may want to add a beverage package to suit the needs of your family.

What are my options? If the free beverages don’t quite cut it, there are affordable options for anyone on a Royal Caribbean Cruise.  The three main beverage packages are the Classic Soda, Refreshment and Deluxe.

Classic Soda Package:  With this package, you will receive a free refillable cup for the duration of your cruise.  Coke Freestyle machines are scattered throughout the ship to be filled at your convenience.  You will also get unlimited soft drinks at any venue on the ship and at Coco Cay.   Packages range from $8-$10 per day.

Refreshment Package:  One step above the Classic Soda package, the Refreshment Package includes the refillable cup for all-you-can-drink from the Coke Freestyle machines and the unlimited soft drinks on board.  It also includes premium coffee, tea, fresh-squeezed juice, non-alcoholic cocktails and bottled still and sparkling water.  Prices range between $20-$29 per day.

Deluxe Package: The Deluxe Package is Royal Caribbean’s option for unlimited alcohol.  Included in this package are cocktails, spirits, liquor, beer, wine by the glass, and everything included in the Refreshment and Classic Soda packages.  Prices start at $69 per day.

How can I get the best deal on a beverage package?   Once you have booked your cruise, make sure you go to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner and link your cruise confirmation number and select Beverages.  Packages booked before your cruise on the Cruise Planner are much less expensive than booking on the cruise ship.  The Cruise Planner website also offers several discounts during the year so always watch for the best deal.

For more information or to book a Royal Caribbean cruise, contact your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist.

Julie Stewart

Travel Specialist