From the moment I read the menu for Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming restaurant, I knew this would be at the top of my Disney dining bucket list! This is down-home cooking at its best.

Arrive hungry. You do not want to miss an opportunity to sample the foods if you aren’t prepared to fill your belly. 2) As a party of two, I knew our eyes were too big for our stomachs, but the selections are that good that we didn’t want to pass anything up! My best recommendation would be to go with a group of at least four people so you can select several things from the menu and share them.

Between the two of us, we ordered a couple appetizers: the Church Lady Deviled Eggs and the Ham and Jam Biscuits. With the deviled eggs, aside from the fact that they are delicious, the presentation is fabulous! The biscuits were our favorite, though. If I was only hungry enough for a bite (which against rule #1 above!), this would be my selection.

For lunch, we ordered the Fried Chicken and Doughnuts as well as the Chopped Pork Barbeque Plate. Both were delicious. The star of the fried chicken plate was the fried chicken itself. On the BBQ plate, the macaroni and cheese outshined everything else.

After all this food, you’ve still got to try the famous Hummingbird Cake. Not ones to upset the applecart, we ordered a slice to share. After all, this is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, and it did not disappoint. I have had some amazing hummingbird cake before, but there was something different about this recipe. It is just sweet enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but it is not so sweet that it ruins the meal by leaving you feeling heavy and overdone.

If you enjoy a drink, along with the amazing food, you’ll also discover they have quite a large selection of alcoholic beverages, moonshine being a prominent feature on the list!

Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant located in Disney Springs should be on your list of places to try on your next visit.