When planning your next vacation, your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist will assist you with many details.  We are committed to saving families time, money, and stress. We are dedicated to providing each family a memorable and magical vacation where no detail is overlooked. After all the excitement of planning, it is difficult to consider there would be a need for travel insurance. Protecting your investment is part of the comprehensive service, with attention to every detail, that your travel specialist is here to provide.

Prior to becoming a travel specialist, I lacked the knowledge and understanding about the importance of travel protection.  After completing my training, I was thankful that I had never faced a situation that would have required that support.

My family was excited to embark on our first family Disney cruise.  Although, we did NOT anticipate there would be anything that would prevent us from setting sail, my husband’s appendix had other plans!! I have received feedback from clients when we discuss travel protection: it is an “upsell”, we are NOT cancelling, weather won’t be an issue, we are healthy, etc.  No one plans a vacation anticipating an interruption or cancellation, but that is a part of the comprehensive service your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist provides.  We are not insurance agents, but we will provide information about the options available to you.  If you have specific questions about inclusions, coverage and exclusions, we can provide additional contact information.  Because of the importance of protecting your investment, Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist are now sending an online form that must be completed by each of our clients prior to processing the final payment, if travel protection has not already been included.

My family was eagerly anticipating our cruise. The morning had finally arrived, and we were getting ready to depart. My husband casually mentioned he was experiencing some “discomfort”.   I began firing question after question at him, utilizing my two decades of experience as an Emergency Room RN.  It was quickly evident that he needed to seek medical care. Later that day, my husband underwent an emergency appendectomy.  He recovered quickly and is doing well.  His health was the priority.  I immediately contacted our travel protection provider as well as Disney Cruise Line and both could not have been more helpful.

Once my husband was on the mend, I called the travel protection provider again, and began the process of initiating our claim. She informed me of the documents and forms that were needed.  My greatest concern was recovering the cost of our cruise, but the policy also included coverage for the medical expenses.  Although, the provider offered an easy online option to initiate the claim, I felt more comfortable speaking directly with them to assist us.  We opened 2 claims, and I was informed that we had up to 1 year to complete the process.  Upon submitting the necessary documents, we were reimbursed quickly for the travel and medical expenses.

The claim process was smooth and timely. During the stress of the unknown of that day, it was comforting to know we were protected.  Your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist is here to assist you with appropriate options to protect your vacation investment!