Thank You Tressa!

Tressa Krippel helped our family to have a wonderful, stress-free Disney/Universal vacation! The idea of planning a trip like this myself was completely overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start. Tressa helped us to select and book fast passes, she made all of our dinner reservations, and she chose the perfect hotel for our family. We have four children, and this was our first Disney/Universal trip. With the itinerary Tressa created for our family, we were able to visit each of the Disney parks. We squeezed in a day at Universal as well, to visit the Harry Potter attractions. I felt like we got to see the highlights of each park, including the wonderful fireworks displays. She set up dinner reservations for restaurants we never would have known about otherwise. Leading up to the trip, she was available to answer all questions that came up and to alleviate last-minute worries. She was always quick to reply, and gave us reminders to set things up in the months leading up to the vacation. I cannot imagine how our trip would have gone without her help! Thanks to Tressa, this was truly a “vacation”. We made memories to last a lifetime. When we return in the future, Tressa will be hearing from us again!

Cassie Mavis
Cassie M.