Jen is a Florida-native that has grown up knowing and loving all things Disney. Living only 90 minutes away from Walt Disney World for most of her life, she and her entire family have had annual passes for more than three decades. Naturally, Disney has been a significant part of her life, now becoming regular trips with her husband as well. She has visited Walt Disney World more times than she can even count, visited Disneyland, sailed the high seas with Disney Cruise Lines and has also stayed at almost every resort.

Not only has she traveled extensively to Disney World, but traveling around the world has become a passion for her. Whether it’s ziplining next to Howler monkeys in the Costa Rican Rainforest, experiencing the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, snorkeling with turtles in Barbados or hiking through the waist-deep waters of the Everglades, Jen has experienced it.

While each of these experiences are vastly different from one another, the thing that remains constant is the necessity for preparation and planning. Given her extensive travels, she knows that planning a trip is not as simple as waving a magic wand. Hours of research can turn into weeks of the tab-switching game on Google to find the best hotel and the flight with the least amount of travel time, with the cheapest price who also won’t lose your luggage. And that’s just for the basics. However, with Jen’s help and vast experience, it can be as easy as waving that magic wand as she leaves no stone unturned in planning the perfect trip for you and your family. Contact Jen today to plan your next trip, whether it be to Disney World or the other side of the world!