When I worked for Walt Disney World, I encountered all type of guests. Those who visited yearly or more, those who came every few years or so, and those who had never been. Between the three groups they all had one commonality - they wanted their Disney vacation to be the best it could be and those who were well prepared had an advantage over those who weren’t.

How can you be well prepared for your Disney vacation? There are many ways but I would say the guests I most often encountered, and that were well prepared, were ones who worked with a Disney travel agent. They had their days well planned, great dining reservations, and of course the most important thing - FastPasses!

Here are my top three advantages for using a travel agent to book your next Disney vacation. These thoughts all come from my time as Cast Member and the conversations I had with guests.

  1. Overall Plan - You can go to Disney World without a plan but unless you are a really and I mean a really laid back person, you might be a little overwhelmed. It doesn’t make any difference if you are a first time guest or frequent visitor. Having a plan is important. Travel agents can assist you with that plan by helping schedule your days to make your stay as efficient but as fun as possible.
  2. Dining, Dining and More Dining - Who doesn’t like to eat on vacation? Disney World is a food paradise but to fully enjoy this culinary wonderland you need a little help and preparation. The travel specialists at Me and The Mouse are food lovers! They know some of the best places to eat and most importantly are there to help get those advance reservations.
  3. FastPasses - If you want to maximize your time, the best way to do that is to take advantage of Disney’s FastPass system. It will get you and your family on the rides you love and reserved seating for nighttime shows and more. As a former Cast Member, I do not like standing in lines at the parks. I get the most out of my visits by using FastPasses. I can say all of us here at Me and The Mouse are the same. We know how to get the FastPasses you want and how to get the most rides and shows in during your day.

Once you work with one of us you’ll see the advantages, expertise, and how you will get the most out of your next Disney vacation. Take it from this former Cast Member, once you use a Me and The Mouse Travel specialist, you’ll never want to book a vacation on your own again!

Ryan Gross

Travel Specialist