If you are anything like me, you want your Disney World trips with kiddos to go as smooth as possible. When it comes to packing for our trips, I think the two most important things are being prepared and staying organized. Typically, we are a “rope-drop-to-fireworks” family, so I like to be sure our bags are ready for a long day at the parks! I’m here to share how I pack my diaper bag for a full Disney day. For reference, I have 2 boys – the oldest just turned 4 and the youngest is only 2 months old!


We have this diaper bag from Amazon and love it so far!

It’s the perfect size to hold both the toddler and baby’s stuff and even has a hidden mom pocket. It has SO much storage, comes with a changing pad, has a strap for it to hook onto the stroller, and the straps are comfortable and breathable enough for those hot Florida days. It also has cooler type bottle holders to keep bottles warm or cool.


Wet Bag:

This one is multipurpose for me. I use a wet bag to pack extra outfits for each kid, but also to hold any wet/dirty clothes. For our upcoming trip, I will be packing an extra shirt for my husband and I as well just in case the baby decides to spit up on us. Another use for a wet bag is for swim diapers/swimsuits for the splash pad at Magic Kingdom!

Travel Bags:

I found these travel snack bags on Amazon. I use the big one for snacks, the medium size one for medicine/first aid, and the smallest one for our reusable straws.

Reusable Straws:

My toddler DOES NOT do the paper straws at Disney. He hates them. I found a pack of reusable straws that come with a cleaning brush and they have been a game changer.

Extra Pacifiers and Pacifier Holder:

This is what I use. If you have a picky baby, it's nice to have a few extras on hand in case one gets dropped and lost along the way. I like to have a designated, clean space for the pacifiers too. Here’s what I use!

Pacifier Wipes:

For the many, many times they get dropped on the ground during your park day.

Aquaphor/Diaper Rash Cream:

Especially in the summer when your little one is sitting in the stroller for long periods of time and needs some relief! I also like to throw in our travel size diaper spatula for an even quicker (and less messy) diaper change.

Diaper Trash Bags:

Perfect for containing dirty diapers AND clothes!

Hand Sanitizer Spray:

Because let’s be real, germs. It’s great to have the spray version of this for adults and toddlers too!! We like to use ours after rides and before meals.


Specifically for my 4-year-old who likes to snack every 15 minutes. I like to pack a variety of things that aren’t messy, such as mini muffins (his favorite), applesauce and yogurt pouches, pretzels, goldfish, and fruit snacks.

Water Bottle:

I like to take these Simple Modern water bottles for my son. They keep his water nice and cold plus the prints are adorable!

Extra Wipes:

This one may seem obvious, but you can never have enough!! I like to use them to clean up my son after dinners or for myself after enjoying a Mickey bar!

Hopefully this list helps my fellow mommas with littles on their next Disney trip!!