My love of pictures ranks up there with my love for Disney!  I received my first camera, a blue kodak fisher price model, for my 5th birthday while at Walt Disney World!  I took photos of parades, the castle,  fireworks, my favorite characters, family, anything (until the flash or film ran out….something kids now will never experience).  Often, life seems busy and my photos end up living on my phone or posted to Facebook.  I set out to change that and give my vacation photographs a placement where they can be enjoyed.


I loved scrapbooking 3 kids ago...I enjoyed going to scrapbooking weekend retreats and developing creative pages to display my photographs.  I have scrapbooks from my time as a Disney Cast Member, college years, and daughter’s first year.  It was quite time consuming creating these books and I treasure them, but I am unable to devote the time to create them as I would like.  One way you can overcome the time hurdle is to purchase your scrapbook pages pre-made.  You can purchase them at many Etsy stores, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.  You purchase the pre-made pages just add your prints.

I also enjoy creating digital scrapbooks.  With digital scrapbooks you can create your page layouts on the computer using either a website or software program.  This process is less timely than standard scrapbooking, and you are left with beautiful pages to display your memories.  Once you have your page layouts the way you like you may have them printed.

Photo books  

Photo books are a great option to get all the pictures on your computer or phone and in your hands in a beautiful book.  You can create these books easily on sites like snapfish or shutterfly. even has an adorable Disney photo book template!  This process is as easy as uploading your pictures onto the site and choosing which photos you want in the book.  Once your book is complete you purchase it via the site and it’s shipped directly to you!  Many discounts are often available on these sites!

Turn pictures into just about anything

Photo printing sites such as Snapfish, Shutterfly, or Disney’s Memory Maker offer prints of your photos or they may be printed on many different surfaces.  My favorites include Christmas Ornaments and yearly calendars.  Some other options include:

  • Cell Phone Cases

  • Pillows

  • Planners

  • Luggage tags

  • Mugs

  • Christmas Cards

Create Wall Art

You can choose to have vacation photos printed to be used as decor in your home.  A great option for choosing pictures as wall art is to have them printed on canvas or metal.  It is also a fun option to take a matte from a picture frame and have all the characters that you visit sign it.  When you return home have a photo printed of your family to be placed back into the picture frame with the matte.

Beth Rodgers

Travel Specialist