While this list was compiled with a Walt Disney World visit (by airplane) in mind, it can certainly be modified for any Disney destination.

Carry-On / Immediate Access
ο      Wallet with ID, credit cards (including Disney Visa for discounts!), cash, ATM card, and insurance cards. While children do not require a photo id for domestic flights, it's a good idea to have a recent, clear, close-up photo of each child in case they are separated from you
ο        Airline confirmation and boarding passes
ο        Rental car information or Magical Express documents
ο        MagicBands
ο        Resort reservation information (including confirmation number, park tickets or annual passes, special event tickets, dining reservations and FastPass selections
ο        Smartphone with MDE installed (with login and password), phone charger
ο        Medication (adult's and children's)
ο        Antacid
ο        First Aid kit
ο        Hand sanitizers and wet wipes
ο        Tissue
ο        Gum
ο        Contacts case and solution
ο        Pens
ο        A couple large baggies
ο        Activities for the kids (coloring book and crayons, book, iPad with games that can be played offline, small tubs of Play-Doh)
ο        Book or iPad (with charger)
ο        Headphones
ο        Snacks (granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks)
ο        Water bottles (empty until you pass Security!)
ο       Camera/film/cards/batteries/charger
ο        Hat
ο        Glasses, sunglasses and strap
ο        Neck pillow for plane
ο       Touring book
ο        Park maps
ο        Light sweater or jacket
ο        Jewelry/jewelry pouch
ο        Liquids bag for Security (mostly Toiletry items)
Families with Infants / Toddlers
ο        Clear shower curtain to protect stroller in rain
ο        Stroller with tag
ο        Pack n Play sheets
ο        Favorite stuffed toy or blanket
ο        Bottles or sippy cups
ο        Plastic, reusable fork and spoon
ο        Formula or baby food
ο        Pacifiers
ο        Nightlight
ο        Bibs and burp cloths
ο        Diapers, wipes, rash cream
ο        Bottle brush, dish soap
ο        Potty seat
ON Your Luggage
ο       Yellow Magical Express tags on check-in baggage
ο       Luggage tags on all bags, including carry-ons
Suitcase / Check-In
ο        1 outfit per day
ο        1 pair of socks per day
ο        1 pair of underwear per day
ο        1 extra pair of shoes or sandals
ο        Extra bra or other undergarment
ο        Rain jacket or poncho, or umbrella
ο        Jammies
ο        Bathing suit and cover-up
ο        Belt
ο        1 dressy outfit (for Signature Dining), including shoes
ο        Beach towels
ο        Goggles, floaties
ο        Work-out clothes
ο        Theme Park bag
ο        Water Park bag
ο        Collapsible cooler
ο        Mousekeeping envelopes
ο        Toothbrush and toothpaste, floss
ο        Brush/comb
ο        Shampoo, conditioner, product
ο        Make-up and remover
ο        Moisturizer
ο        Soap - facial and body
ο        Sunscreen, lip balm
ο        Razors, shaving cream
ο        Hair accessories
ο        Baby powder, Rash guard
ο        Feminine products
ο        Deodorant
ο        Tweezers, nail clippers, nail file
ο        Q-Tips
ο        Nail polish and remover
ο        Moleskin, blister pads
* All liquids and gels in a carry-on need to fit in a quart- sizebaggie and be easily accessible at Security
Special Items
ο        Halloween or Christmas outfits
ο        Disneybounding Outfits
In-Park Fun
ο        Autograph book and pen
ο        Mickey ears
ο        Lanyard, pins
ο        Glow sticks
ο        Quarters and (clean) pennies for Penny Press machines
ο        Postcard stamps and addresses
ο        Misting fan and batteries
ο        Walkie Talkies and batteries
ο        ID tags for kids (bracelets, temporary tattoos, contact information in shoe, sock or lanyard pouch)

My family of 4 takes ONLY carry-on bags when we travel - 1 roller-board for each adult, 1 roller-board for BOTH kids' belongings, a backpack for each person, and the camera bag. It's critical to be aware of the current size and weight restrictions for your bags, and please remember to stow all smaller bags under the seat in front of you.

We travel with the motto - "If you can't carry it, it doesn't come!"


Nancy Wideman

Travel Planner