Top 10 Reasons to Run in the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 

With the sign up for the 2016 Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend coming up soon in August, runners from all around the world are getting ready for their 2016 race season. Whether you are running in your first race, your 50th race, no matter the distance, this might be the best race for your introduction to an addicting event called runDisney. Here are my top 10 reasons why you should sign up for this race:

10) Disneyland everywhere around you. To run through the parks and backstage is a fantasy come true for those that love Disney. Imagine running towards Sleeping Beauty’s castle, past Mickey’s Fun Wheel and through Radiator Springs. You feel like you are part of the magic that Disney creates every day.

9) Runners of all abilities will surround you. Disney races are friendly to all levels of runners and walkers. Tinker Bell weekend is filled with those around you that will keep on encouraging you to persevere through each and every mile. Disney even provides a great training plan by the wonderful Jeff Galloway to help you each week with your at home training. Not ready to run a half marathon? 5K and 10K races are also available for registrations.

8) Costumes. From simple to complex, costumed runners are everywhere. On Tinker Bell weekend, there is an abundance of wings, tutus, and skirts as well as other well-known Disney characters. Be amazed at the time and effort some people have put into the details of their costumes. This is a chance to not only be a runner but a character that you love.michelle

7) Post race attractions. After you have finished your race, the euphoria that follows will last for hours. Be sure to purchase park tickets for your weekend and scream as loud as you can on your favorite rides. All the walking around the parks will stretch your legs and you will not feel sore muscles the next day.

6) Crowd support. The number of friends, families, and strangers along the course cheering for you can make a runner cry. You will be blown away when the Red Hat Society lines the course for half a mile, early in the morning, full of smiles and encouragement. Enjoy the bands and cheerleaders giving their best while you give your all.  Don’t forget all those cast members that woke up early just to wave their Mickey hands while you pass them by!

5) The Expo. Tinker Bell weekend has vendors from all around the US coming to display their goods at the expo. Many vendors have special Disney product lines that give you the best accessories for the day. For souvenirs, you can find Disney themed new Balance running shoes, Disney themed shirts and jackets, and don’t forget your Disney themed medal holder.

4) Perfect running weather. California weather is great. Of course Disney doesn’t guarantee what the day will hold, but whether you come from the north or the south, you will find great running weather in California, not too hot, and not too cold.

3) Challenges. 2014 brought the first Pixie Dust Challenge. For those runners seeking to make the most of their weekend, you can sign up for both the Tinker Bell 10K and Tinker Bell half marathon and receive a special medal for the completion of both. If you race a half marathon or more in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in the same calendar year, you can receive a Coast to Coast medal, or if you complete the Tinker Bell half marathon and the new Disney Paris half marathon in the same calendar year, you can complete the Castle to Chateau challenge.

2) Magnificent medals. Disney medals are full of bling and beauty. They are ones that you will wish to put on display when you get home (on that new Disney medal holder!). The 2015 Tinker Bell half marathon will be the 5th anniversary year of the race and runDisney fans are hoping for a special commemorative medal to celebrate. And don’t feel embarrassed to show off for the rest of the day - you will see runners proudly wearing their medals all over the parks. Be sure to grab a photo of you and your medal in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

1) Characters. The fairies from Pixie Hollow are everywhere for photo opportunities. You can also find classic Disney characters such as Goofy and Mickey, Pixar characters such as Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear, and Storm Troopers for the sci-fi fans. Character lines photo ops are extremely efficient and you don’t have to take too much time out of your run time for a picture that will speak a thousand words.

Overall, Tinker Bell race weekend is an enjoyable and amazing experience that I recommend everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. I hope it becomes a passion that you share with others, transforming your life to one that is filled with health, happiness and little bit of pixie dust!


Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist