The name "Disney" is as American as apple pie. Perhaps that is because the company Walt and Roy Disney created was deeply rooted in the values  of the American Dream. Here are some of my favorites areas of Walt Disney World where the heart of America shines brightly.

American Pavilion, Epcot

American Adventure – Narrated by audio-animatronic figures of Ben Franklin and Mark Twain, guests experience various depictions of American life during key moments in American history, including the Revolutionary War and the Great Depression.

Voices of America – Save time to enjoy the sounds of these a capella singers in the rotunda of the American Pavilion as they sing American standards (“America the Beautiful) as well as modern Disney classics (“Let It Go”).

Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom

The Muppets present Great Moments in American History is an entertaining show where our favorite Muppets describe their versions of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Liberty Tree Tavern serves up traditional American fare (imagine a full Thanksgiving feast) family-style. After your meal, take note of the six prominent figures of the Revolutionary War who are represented in each room.

The Hall of Presidents, a reproduction of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, welcomes guests for a film that walks through key points in American history, including excerpts of famous presidential speeches. At the conclusion of the film, the curtain rises to reveal an audio-animatronic of every U.S. President, each introduced by name, and short speeches are presented by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and the current sitting President.

Main Street U.S.A., Magic Kingdom

Main Street represents small town life which can be almost any small town in the U.S.. Explore bustling shops, the Main Street Railroad Station and City Hall and enjoy the melodies of the Dapper Dans barbershop quartet or the tunes of the Disney Philharmonic marching band while feeling the optimism and excitement of the Spirit of America.

Flag Retreat Ceremony – a daily Thank You to the veterans of our armed forces, thanking them for their service and sacrifice to our country. Each day, a service member is selected to represent all veterans in a very heart-warming ceremony which takes place at the flag pole on Main Street. Guests gather around the flag, pledge allegiance, and listen or sing along with the Dapper Dans and Philharmonic to the “Star Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” as the flag is lowered, folded and presented to the guest veteran. This special ceremony is held daily at 5pm.

Walt Disney, the man. A visit to the Friends Statue of Walt and Mickey is a great way to reflect on everything that Walt Disney World and the man himself represent. Walt had a great love of his country and for all the ideals that this country promised. He was a true believer in the American Spirit and the American Dream, and he certainly is a wonderful example of what you can accomplish.

“Actually, if you could see close in my eyes, the American flag is waving in both of them and up my spine is glowing this red, white, and blue stripe.” – Walt Disney

Nancy Wideman

Travel Specialist