Quick service dining is an often over looked opportunity to have an amazing dining experience.  There are many quick service options that offer selections that most wouldn’t typically expect and are a great way to maximize your entitlements.  By no means is this a comprehensive list, but in my humble opinion some of the very best!


  1. Resort quick service: Various

The resort quick services offer something for everyone.   All serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snack options. You will find the standard burger, chicken nuggets, hot dog and pizza, as well as resort specific specialties.  For example, jerk chicken at Carribean beach or a variety of Mexican offerings at Coronado Springs.   Your dessert options can be used for a danish, croissant, muffin or a piece of fruit that you can save for breakfast the next day.  You can also select a bag of Disney bagged candies or Mickey rice cereal treat.  Don’t forget your beverage!  If using your refillable mug, you are still eligible to select a beverage (milk, powerade, juice, vitamin water, bottled water or soda).  Cast members will be happy to answer any questions about which items are eligible for a dessert/beverage entitlement. 

  1. Sunshine Seasons: Epcot Future World – The Land

Looking for a grab and go, traditional or a unique breakfast Panini?  This is the dining option for you.  Breakfast items are served from park opening until 11am.  After 11am the lunch/dinner/snack options are nearly endless.  A variety of seasonal salads, soups and sandwiches are available to satisfy your hunger.  There are entrée’s including salmon, rotisserie chicken and Asian inspired dishes.  Make sure to select a dessert from the plentiful and delectable options!

  1. Casey’s Corner: Magic Kingdom

This is a quintessential nostalgic dining location that transports you to the ballpark!  It offers hot dogs, polish sausages and the irresistible corn dog nuggets!!  Casey’s  offers a toppings bar with a variety of classic hot dog “fixings”!  Don’t forget to  complete your order with crispy, salty French fries.  There are dessert options unique to this location, and I must admit, I can’t pass up the cotton candy or Cracker Jack!  There is limited indoor seating and some standing tables, with many outside seated tables.  This is a must do for my family!

  1. Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles France: Epcot - World Showcase

At 11am when the world showcase opens, go directly to this location.  Although this blog is about the quick service meal options, this location offers many amazing snack entitlement options.  Indoor seating is limited, and due to the popularity you may need to request to have your meal “to go”.  Additional outdoor seating/benches can be found throughout the world showcase.   Expect to experience rich flavors of traditional French offerings: Quiche, Croque Monsieur, cheese plates, soups, salads,  Croissant Jambon Fromage (ham and cheese with a yummy cream sauce).  I saved the best for last, the desserts!!!  If your travel party is willing, I highly recommend selecting a variety of desserts to share.  Classic Macaroons, crème brulee, eclairs, tarts, chocolate filled croissant and so much more!!!  Yummmmmm!!!

  1. Earl of Sandwich: Disney Springs Marketplace

 When I am looking for a great place to eat and I see a line 25 people deep it peaks my interest.  This option is open throughout the day, serving breakfast and lunch/dinner.   The salads and sandwiches are made to order.  There are many enticing soup options too!  The desserts are hard to choose from, but I am partial to the cookie and brownie bites.  There is seating both inside and out, but you are welcome to eat on the go too!   Even the pickiest of eaters will find it hard to resist the pizza sandwich from the children’s menu!!    

  1. Smokehouse: Disney Springs Westside

This option is located just outside of the House of Blues.  Trust me, you will be drawn to the amazing smell of the smoked offerings!  Traditional barbeque items can be found here: ribs, pulled pork, brisket and pulled chicken.  The meat has a delicious smoky flavorful spice rub with an accompanying barbecue sauce and coleslaw.  The desserts are standard fare of cookies or packaged candy.  While we dined on our delicious meal, we were fortunate to have been entertained with live music.  This was a wonderful location to recharge from all the hustle and bustle, with a full bar available too!

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue: Animal Kingdom Discovery Island

As I mentioned with the above location, you will most likely smell the aromas from this dining location before you see it.  The portions are more than generous and honestly enough for 2 hungry adults to share!  They offer ribs, chicken, pulled pork, smoked turkey sandwiches and the legendary turkey leg!!  The seasoning on the chicken was one of the most delicious I have ever tasted and there were a variety of sauce options available.  The food was hot and the meat was incredibly tender and juicy.  The ribs, chicken or combo was served with a delicious and generous portion of jalapeno corn bread and baked beans.  We chose to get an order of onion rings and French fries as an alternate selection to the desserts.  The desserts were a standard cheesecake with a strawberry topping or chocolate mouse.  Instead of the standard fountain drinks, we were able to select the mandarin orange lemonade!  It was incredibly refreshing on a hot and humid afternoon!  There was plenty of covered seating available and although this was a very popular dining location the service was incredibly quick. 

  1. Boardwalk Bakery

Of course, this is a great place to grab a quick breakfast pastry and a coffee on your way to EPCOT in the morning or a great stop for an indulgent sweet treat!  However, most don’t realize they offer more than that, a lot more!!  From a unique breakfast cone (eggs and bacon served in a portable waffle cone), egg sandwich, to biscuits and gravy served with fruit.  After 11am, the bakery offers a variety of salads, 2 cheese focaccia, the soup of the day in a bread bowl, and a variety of sandwiches.   My family enjoyed the lobster roll, roast beef and the meatball sub sandwich.    The cast members were incredibly helpful and informed us we could choose from the hummus and pretzels or mixed fruit option as an alternate to the indulgent cupcakes, brownies and my favorite tiramisu!  Don’t forget about your beverages!  We were able to use our refillable mugs and selected bottled water/Powerade to take with us and a refreshing iced mocha!  Seating is located outside the bakery and offers a scenic and relaxing atmosphere!  Don’t forget to leave time to take advantage of renting a surrey bike and work off your scrumptious meal while riding along the boardwalk.

  1. Be Our Guest: Magic Kingdom breakfast/lunch only

Yes, this location does offer a table service option for dinner, but that Priority seating reservation can be a hard one to obtain.  However, breakfast and lunch are offered as a priority seating option and it’s a quick service!! Breakfast includes pastries that are to be shared by everyone at your table.   There are unique options including an open faced egg sandwich, a savory meat and cheese platter, and an indulgent croissant donut with a banana-caramel sauce with a chocolate ganache.  Lunch offers a wide variety of French inspired selections including: Braised pork,  tuna nicoise salad, and chuck roast beef sandwich with pomme frites(French fries).  There are too many tasty options to list them all here.  I would be remiss to not talk about the soup options!  You are able to select either the French onion soup or the potato leek soup as an alternate choice for a dessert.  However, if you can’t pass up the chocolate cupcake with the “Grey stuff”, you can use one of your snack entitlements for the soup.  One of the unique features of this dining location is you can pre-order your food!  On your My Disney Experience account, you will see under the priority seating reservation what day you may place your pre-order.  Once you have ordered your food or checked in if you completed a pre-ordered, you can then select one of three dining rooms in the castle, my favorite being the West Wing.  Once you are seated, a server will magically locate you and deliver your food on a beautiful tray.  There are many delicious dessert options that make a wonderful ending to an amazing experience!

  1. Wolfgang Puck Express: Disney Springs Marketplace and the Westside

Elevated comfort food can be found from breakfast to dinner at both locations.  The breakfast options were plentiful and incredibly filling.  The potatoes that accompanied our breakfast were crispy and delicious!  We also enjoyed the lunch/dinner options more than once on our most recent trip.  The pizzas are generous in size, with selections from the standard margherita to a barbecue chicken pizza.  The half roasted chicken, bacon wrapped meatloaf included fluffy mashed potatoes.  There were also a wide variety of soups, salads, sandwiches as well as pasta options.  The desserts included amazing cookies, brownies and my daughter’s favorite, frozen yogurt with a variety of yummy toppings!  They do offer alcoholic beverage options for an additional fee.  Although this is a quick service location, they do have cast members that will help you find seating (both inside and outside available), deliver your order to the table (all items made fresh to order) as well as obtain any condiments and refill your fountain beverage, tea or water.  Please don’t forget to leave a gratuity for their service.  The food options, portions and taste will NOT disappoint.  Make sure to add this to your list!!!

What is your favorite quick service location/meal?

Missy Zolecki 

Travel Specialist