Many visitors to Florida find that Florida water tastes considerably different than their water at home.  When you first try the water at a fountain or restaurant, you may find that it has an odd taste and sulfur smell.  Florida water is completely safe to ingest but it needs a little something to make it ‘drinkable’.

On our first trip to Disney, my children were young and drinking water was a big part of our daily routine.  I found that by using small flavored packets in our water bottles helped tremendously to drink Florida water.  We used lemonade, Kool-Aid and Crystal lite On the Go packets.  Now there are liquid drops for water bottles.  These packets and containers fit easily in a backpack or your pocket.

Water Flavors

We had purchased our packets prior to our trip and had our children try them.  I made a big deal out of having these special drinks.  Once I figured out which ones they liked, I packed the On the Go packets away for our Disney trip.  While at Disney, I surprised the kids with the ‘special’ drinks again.  It was a little extra magic that made their Disney trip that much more fun.  Who would have thought that flavored drinks could be such a treat!!

We brought empty water bottles into the parks and filled them at fountains, or at restaurants.  By doing this we saved our snack credits for more yummy and delicious treats.  One water bottle at Disney is considered a snack credit on the meal plan or it costs approximately $3 per bottle out of pocket.

Don’t forget your flavoring!!  Heat, humidity and a lot of walking can leave you feeling exhausted and under the weather. Making an effort to stay well hydrated will keep you cool, energized, and ready for your next Disney adventure.

Water Bottles

Roxanne Genovese

Travel Specialist