You've finally done it. You saved up, booked your trip and now you are ready to travel to Walt Disney World. Here are three technology items that may help save you from a ruined vacation.

1. Portable Cell Phone Charge

With Disney’s new advances in technology you will be using your smart phone more than ever. Taking photos, adjusting Fastpasses, reviewing reservations, you will run out of battery in the parks. Instead of tying yourself to the wall with a traditional cellphone charger, I HIGHLY suggest purchasing a portable cell phone charger.

My family purchased a portable cell phone charger from Amazon for $15.  The charger comes with many different adapters for a variety of phones. It also doubled as a LED flashlight. Every night we would make sure this was plugged in and ready for the next day. We used it EVERY DAY!!! My family just purchased one, but I wish I had purchased one for myself AND for my husband.

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2. Waterproof Cell Phone Cover

I am highly protective of my phone. On vacation I do a lot more with my phone, which I wouldn’t usually do, like taking it to the pool, on water rides, walking through a rainstorm. The last thing you want to deal with on vacation is replacing your phone or worrying about water damage. For a relatively low cost you can protect it from water. I purchased one for $12 through Amazon, however, you can buy much higher quality ones for around $100. However, I only wanted this for my week at Disney and it is better than nothing.

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3. Kid Locator

Do you have a kid in your group that is a runner? It’s hard to relax and have a good time when you’re worried about losing a little one. Consider purchasing a Buzz Phone Locator! Attach this to your child’s pin trading lanyard or some other method and use your cell phone to locate your child if you become separated.

Remember,  a child who becomes separated from his or her parents while in the park will be escorted by a Cast Member to the Baby Care Center. Once there, the child will be looked after until the parent comes to claim the child. If you can’t locate your child, alert a Cast Member and then check the Baby Care Center.



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Remember when planning for your trip, a little investment before you leave could save your trip from being ruined!