For many young children, to meet their favorite characters and get their autograph is a dream come true!

Most families choose an autograph book for characters to sign. Disney sells these books at all their shops both at the resorts and onboard the cruises. Some books even include a spot for pictures to be inserted. The outside designs vary and your child will easily find one they fall in love with. If you adore crafting, you can choose to make your own autograph books and customize them with stickers, die cuts, and even pixie dust sparkles. Be sure to save room for 25-30 characters if you are making your own book so you don’t run out of space. Maybe you’re looking for something different for the characters to sign. Many great ideas include a pillowcase, picture mat, t-shirt, baseball cap, or wall poster. If you choose to have the characters sign something like a t-shirt or pillowcase, bring along a piece of cardboard that can give some sturdiness to the item while they are signing it.  Also, remember that clothing items can’t be worn when the characters sign them.

Now that you have something for the characters to sign, you’ll need something for them to sign with. Disney characters, especially those with thick gloves, prefer pens and markers that are chunky for their hands to hold. Sharpies, especially the retractable ones, are wonderful for this and can be found at local stores and purchased in many colors. Disney also sells many chunky pens in their gift stores that perfectly suitable for the characters to use.

Lastly, you need to find the characters you want signatures for. The best, easiest, and far most relaxing way to get a lot of signatures without waiting in long lines is at a character meal. At a character meal, each character in attendance comes by your table and will sign autographs and take pictures. I love that while I eat, the characters come to me instead of having to always head to them! But even character meals don’t always get you all the signatures you are looking for and you may need to stand in a few lines at each park to get what you are looking for. At each Disney park, the Times Guide lists the times and locations for characters in the park that day. If you go earlier in the day for signatures, the lines tend to be less busy. Onboard a Disney cruise, you can find character appearances listed in the daily Navigator’s Guide, on screens in the main lobby, and via a designated ship extension number.  

Autographs are a wonderful souvenir of a Disney vacation. Be sure to get out books and mementos when you get home with your children and see how they become animated just recalling these special times they had with their Disney heroes!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist