Star Wars Weekends is an intergalactic gathering that occurs at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios every year mid-May to mid-June. In Darth’s Mall, there is a LARGE arrangement of Star Wars gifts, goods and food that can only be purchased at SWW. It is a mega-fan’s wonderland.
The top gift on my list is Disney’s DTech. The name itself is not explanatory at all. It is an amazing technology that allows you to be three-dimensionally portrayed as your favorite Star Wars action figure. Simply said, Disney takes your head and places it on the body of a Star Wars character: Jedi Knight, X-Wing Fighter, Storm Trooper, TIE-Fighter pilot or an Alderaan Princess. The options vary from year to year.
You may choose between two different sizes 7” and 15”. The larger action figure cost significantly more than the smaller. The 7” figure cost $120+taxes and shipping, and the 15” cost $1,000+taxes and shipping. With your purchase you get a coveted button to wear at the event and a keepsake.dtech
For Father’s Day 2015, my family chipped in and purchased this for my husband. We visited Darth’s Mall during the last day of Star Wars Weekends and he walked right into the experience with no wait. It is approximately a 10-minute experience, using a painless 3-D scanner. They do make participants push their hair back with a hand band, so that they have a clear shot of your face and head. Disney gives you login infomation to track your order and to view your 2-D photo. You can track your creation to see when it is processing, being created or being shipped to your home.
joeAbout 7 weeks later the figure was delivered to our home and it was a wonderful surprise for us all! It was a great match to the photo taken at SWW. My husband proudly displays this in our living room. It has been the main topic of many a conversation. If you are looking for an unforgettable gift, that can only be purchased at Disney, look no further than DTech.