A great option for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

If you’re heading to Disney World in the months of September or October to enjoy the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, you may have already thought about the costume your son or daughter will be wearing while there. The Pirate's League -Disney

If you are worried about a costume that is too warm for the weather in Florida or if you are wanting to stay in the parks all day without having to go back to the resort to get ready for the night, there is a great solution right in the Magic Kingdom!

The Pirate’s League in Adventure is an affordable experience to transform your child into a pirate of their choosing or even a mermaid!  They do awesome face paint as well as add fun accessories to complete their look.  The cast members who work with the kids offer an unforgettable experience that will add to the magic of the night that is in front of them.  There are a variety of packages to choose from.

The Pirate’s League Packages:

  • The First Mate Package: Choose from a ghosted pirate, zombie, Captain Hook, Blackbeard, or Black Eyed Jack!  Get face makeup and hair done, receive a sword and a Pirate’s League logo sash, an official pirate name, and a personalized pirate’s oath.
  • The Captain Hook Deluxe Package: Includes a Captain hook costume (youth only), captain hook face paint and hair, receive a sword and a Pirate’s League logo sash, and a toy hook.
  • The Empress Package: Includes vibrant makeup, lip gloss, nail polish and face gem, an official empress name, and a personalized pirate oath.

**The above packages all include the following:  Pirate’s Key, a Unique Pirate Coin Necklace, the Pirate’s League Bag, temporary pirate tattoo, earring and eye patch, and a reversible bandana.

  • The Mermaid Deluxe Package: Includes a Mermaid Costume.
  • The Mermaid Package

**The Mermaid packages both include:  luminous mermaid makeup and makeup palette,                  mermaid hairstyle and color-changing hair clip, distinctive mermaid necklace, nail polish,               mermaid sash, and a mermaid bracelet.

The Pirate's League -DisneyWith any of these packages, your kids can choose elaborate or simple clothing that will best fit the weather and their style to complete the look!  It’s a great way to be sure you are in the park all day and have a some resting time for the kids while they have a talented cast member make them extra scary or extra sweet for their party.

Pirate’s League reservations are made 180 days out from travel, so if you are interested in adding this experience to your Halloween Party night, contact your Me and the Mouse Specialist to see about making a reservation.  If you are not traveling until next year and like this option, tell your Me and the Mouse agent you are interested!  They can note it on your reservation and help you pick a day and time to make it part of this fun filled Halloween party night!

Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist