Something BIG is coming to Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure in Summer 2021. The all-new Jurassic World VelociCoaster will take you back some 65+ million years to the age of the dinosaurs. You’ll come face to face with terrifying raptors while traveling past a velociraptor paddock and twisting and turning over the water and through the jungle while on a high-speed chase.

The VelociCoaster is slated to be Florida’s tallest and fastest launch ride, and if you have been inside the park over the past few months, you’ll know why; this coaster is massive! Traveling up to 70 miles per hour and soaring through four complete loops might seem like child’s play after climbing almost 155 feet straight up because remember, what goes up, must come down!

Once completed, this new species of roller coaster will be one of three major rides in the Jurassic Park area as well as the Raptor Encounter and several other Jurassic attractions. The ride vehicles are currently on the track being tested during day-light hours. Construction is scheduled to be complete in the Summer of 2021.

If you are brave enough for this all-new coaster and want a full Jurassic experience just like in the movie, well maybe not exactly like the movie, it is possible at Universal Orlando Resort. Not only can you spend the day trekking through Jurassic Park, but you can spend the night in an awesome Jurassic World themed kid’s suite! To experience it all, refer back to my past blog post, then contact your favorite Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to book your thrilling Jurassic vacation.