Mindy Reed Has Been a Lifesaver!!

Oh my gosh!!!!!! Where to begin?!? Mindy Reed has been a lifesaver!!!!

My husband and I decided that we wanted to take our almost 3-year-old son to Disney for his birthday this year! At first, I thought it would be simple since we are Florida residents and live an hour and a half from the parks. As I started to navigate the Disney resorts, parks, and all of the magic I quickly felt overwhelmed and had no idea where to even begin navigating the plans for our trip! Ironically a friend from Michigan connected us with Mindy and boy was that a game changer!

Mindy has been so kind and helpful throughout our planning process! I don’t know what we would’ve done without her! We are super excited and we are currently packing for our weekend at Disney. We just know that we are going to have a stress-free magical experience because of all of the help from Mindy!

Tonya Marie