Jen was just what the doctor ordered. After trying for three years to plan a magical family vacation for my granddaughters, I finally found a time that would work with their school schedules. I plan lots of events but after reading info on several websites, I became overwhelmed. I knew some of my must-haves (had to stay off site for a family of 9 due to cost) and needed to find ways to add extra perks without breaking the retirement bank. Jen was right there with me all along the way to figure out if we added this, didn’t do that, we could do this :). During the planning phase, I got extremely ill and was unable to participate in some of the crazy morning prebookings hours (ADR) and fast passes, but Jen just got out her pixie wand and “poof” the magic happened while I was recovering. At this moment our family is still “soarin” from the most magical family vacation. THANK YOU JEN!!!

Sherry Bryant