Jen is a Gem♥

Traveled to Disney World during valentines day week with my boyfriend. It was our first vacation ever and I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was all thanks to Jen! She made our vacation so easy! Every single silly question I had she answered super fast, she sent me awesome gifts and cards to get me all excited for our trip, she gave us great advice and was with us every step of the way before, during and after our trip. I can’t begin to describe how happy I am to have met her and claim her as my travel agent! She took all of my stress and anxiety away and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone planning a vacation! I already gave her info out to one of my friends who wants to go to Disney one day. I’m not too great at reviews or wording things the way they should be but all I want to say is if you do not have Jen as your travel agent, Contact her right now and claim her as your travel agent! She deserves every awesome review she gets! She is now going to plan our universal studios trip and I’m so excited because I was already missing her. She felt more like a friend than a travel agent and because of her my vacation went perfect. No problems what so ever. She’s truly a gem and I am very much thankful for her. Jen! thanks so much, you’re the absolute best and I hope you get recognized more often for your hard work and dedication you put into planning your clients vacations! love you🙂♥ thank you very much!

Nashalee Padilla