Jen and our Amazing Trip to Sandals Antigua

Finding Jen was just what we needed to make this trip to Antigua amazing for our group.

Jen made sure we had all the perfect rooms in the perfect places for each couple. She helped us to explore the many restaurants by making prearranged group reservations for us, even a beach dinner that we absolutely loved, and a great finale to the trip.

Our group also visited the RedLine Spa and she had discounts waiting for us, and they did a great job helping us relax with essential oil massages.

We were pampered in so many ways even down to the beach bags she provided for us for our many days by the pool.

I have to say our trip may have still been fun if we planned it on our own, but Jen made it an amazing trip we will never forget and we will be calling her for our next trip to the Caribbean for sure!

Lisa Pederson