Amy S. and Beth R. Save the day!

After an amazing trip in 2020 to Disney with Amy, we decided to use her again to help us book a trip to Universal Studios. Everything was planned and no problems, that is, until travel day! At no fault of Amy’s at all, we ran into travel issues because of lightning and rainstorms. Our connecting flight to Orlando was canceled after we had already landed at our first stop in Chicago. We searched for alternative flights to Orlando or the surrounding area, but every airline/flight was full or also canceled from rainstorms. So we took a flight home from Chicago to St Louis. Finally, we decided that we might as well jump in our car and drive to FL once we arrived back in St Louis! All of these decisions mind you, were made within minutes to an hour of each other, while on the phone with Beth (who was covering for Amy while Amy was on a well-deserved vacation). Beth helped us think of things we didn’t even consider, like the hotel giving away our room b/c we weren’t going to make it in time for check-in on the first day. She covered everything on the fly, and this was during a Saturday! I cannot express fully the level of service and dedication that these ladies provided individually, and as a team covering for each other. It was outstanding service!! In the end, we had a great time on vacation, and the road trip worked out, with a huge thanks to both Amy and Beth. We couldn’t have done it without them!!