Everyone wants the iconic family photo in front of the castle, but after taking the same photo multiple visits, it can get a little boring. Thinking outside of the box, for some awesome pictures, can turn an ordinary vacation, into a picture perfect trip!

Disney is filled with unique, and special photo opportunities! Everyone can purchase the Disney PhotoPass and add a little magic to their shots, but you can add just as much magic with your own camera or camera phone. Getting that spectacular photo can take a little looking, and your brain may need to view everyday items a little  bit different. For example, my family and I got a fantastic picture in front of the castle, but with a little extra bling! Outside of The Plaza restaurant( Magic Kingdom) you can find these totally terrific chairs that happen to have a heart in the middle. All we did, was hold up the chair, and BAM! We had a totally unique photo!

Sometimes, finding that unique photo takes a bit of scavenging. Taking new paths can reveal plenty of photo opportunities that may not be offered through Disney’s PhotoPass. As shown in the photo, there is a beautiful well that creates a great opportunity for a nice photo! You can also get awesome photos at your own resort! Disney offers some immersive hotels that give even more bling to your ordinary pictures! You can find everything from huge Baloo’s, to neon signs!

There are even more picture perfect spots at Disney Springs! Disney has created lots of shops with gorgeous storefronts that can result in an interesting backdrop for a photo! Sometimes, entering the store can reveal hidden gems. As seen in the photo, we used two lollipops as props, and a cute photo was the result! Disney Springs offers so many picturesque restaurants as well. The Edison has lots of Instagram worthy picture spots! All of these spots can be found for no cost at all!

The spectacular photo album everyone hopes to come home with can be filled with new, and extraordinary photos with just a little bit of creativity!  Getting the perfect photo only requires a little imagination and a camera.

Paige Zolecki

Guest Blogger