Something as simple as having a stroller while at Disney still needs your consideration to choose the best option for your needs.  There are 3 options:

  1. Bring your own stroller from home
  2. Rent a stroller from within the parks
  3. Rent from a reputable local stroller company

To find the best option for you, consider the following when making your decision:

1)      Convenience:  If flying, do you need the stroller to get to and from your terminal?  If driving, will your stroller fit in the vehicle once you pack all your luggage into it?

2)      Needs:  Who and where will you need to use the stroller?  If you need to use the stroller at the resort, keep in mind that Disney park strollers cannot be taken out of the park.  What if your child doesn’t use a stroller at home?  You may think your child will not need one because of this.  However, while in the park and walking hours to various attractions, the option for them to sit and rest is priceless.

3)      Price:  Is renting a stroller something you can budget?  The price of renting a stroller is by no means a bank breaker, but it is an expense that you need to consider.

Local stroller company rental:  Prices vary based on number of nights booked, type, and size (double vs single) of the stroller.  Some price examples are below (prices subject to change):

City Mini Single:                1-3 Nights $40                    4-7 Nights $60                    8-10 Nights $80

City Mini Double:             1-3 Nights $60                    4-7 Nights $80                    8-10 Nights $100

BOB Revolution Single:  1-3 Nights $45                    4-7 Nights $65                    8-10 Nights $85

Summit X3 Double:         1-3 Nights $65                    4-7 Nights $85                    8-10 Nights $105

Disney Park stroller rental: 

Single Stroller:   $15/Day (or $13/day for a length of stay rental)

Double Stroller:  $31/Day (or $27/day for a length of stay rental)

** To rent a stroller at Downtown Disney, it will require $100 credit card deposit.

Renting a stroller from a local stroller company:

It is more easy and convenient than you may think.

  1. Work with your agent to determine to best stroller for your needs (consider weight and height restrictions).
  2. Your agent contacts the company to provide payment and set up the drop off/pickup location and time.
  3. When you arrive to the pick-up location, go to bell services, provide them with your name and information and they will retrieve your stroller.  It’s as easy as that!!

NOTE:  If you need the stroller delivered to a different resort other than where it will be picked up, this can be requested.

  1. At the end of your trip, leave the stroller at bell services no later than the agreed time setup by your agent.

They offer free parent consoles, rain guards, and a cooler. They also offer optional insurance (for damage or theft) ranging from $15-$25 depending on stroller rented.

Epcot-Entrance-Stroller-Rental-620x330Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist