With the new year comes the promise of a better us, spiritually or physically.  Then people start to think…’how can I be healthy in Disney?’.  I’m the LAST person to give you advice on eating healthy while in Disney.  I am there to indulge in the yummy goodness that the amazing culinary cast members produce and I enjoy every minute of it!

What I can give you advice on, is how to stay physically active so those calories and carbs you consume can have less of an effect on your waistline.Staying fit at Disney

  1. WALK! You cannot help but do this at Disney, you walk everywhere!  Track your steps and wear a pedometer (I’d wear one instead of using a pedometer app to preserve your phone’s battery life).  Just by doing your daily vacation agenda, you can burn a ton of calories.  I clocked over 10 miles PER DAY on my last trip!
  2. Run/walk before your family (and other guests) wake-up. Many resorts have walking/running paths you can utilize to get a quick workout in the morning.  Not only are you kick starting your day, but you can take in the sights and smells around you, greet other early morning risers, and find a calm before you start another busy day in the parks. Staying fit at Disney
  3. Swim…we all want get out of the hot sun and cool down anyway. Pick your kids up and throw them in the pool (like lifting weights), kick your legs and push your youngsters in a floaty, swim a few laps, or rest your head on the edge of the pool while you kick your legs.  Water resistance is known to be a great tool to ramp up a workout.
  4. If your resort has one (mostly at Deluxe Resorts and at Coronado Springs), use the fitness centers provided. Take 30 minutes in the morning or afternoon while your family rests to get some YOU time in!
  5. Choose water over soda. Ok, I said I wasn’t going to give you food advice, but this is easy.  Soda will bloat you and slow you down, water is the better option overall and is better for you in the heat anyway.  Remember, go to any quick service location and ask for a glass of ice water…it’s free! Staying fit at Disney
  6. Get on a bike! There are locations throughout Disney property where you can rent regular bikes and/or surrey bikes (which is great fun to do as a family).  My favorite location is the surrey bike rental at The Boardwalk!  I love the atmosphere surrounding the entire area!
  7. If you enjoy Yoga and a little bit of calm and meditation daily, get out of your room, find one of the grassy areas located around your resort and take that time to get a recharge.

Vacations are about recouping your mind, recharging your batteries, and spending time with family.  The few simple exercises I’ve provided give you both!  Be healthy but enjoy your vacation…the best of BOTH worlds!


Megan Thompson

Travel Specialist