For the last 40 years, Star Wars has been not only a great movie franchise, but also a way of life.  Over the past several year, Star Wars has made an appearance in Disney Parks with the ​Star​ Tours attraction​, Star Wars weekends, and the new Star Wars Land being constructed in both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.  With a Star Wars junkie in our family, we decided to check out the Star Wars Galactic Dessert party this past January and found it to be out of this world.  Here are my top 5 reasons to attend this event:

  1.  You are guaranteed the best seat in the house:  First and foremost, the view of the Star Wars Fireworks is completely worth doing the dessert party.  Knowing that I didn’t have to wait hours for a somewhat decent spot took a lot of pressure off, but sitting directly in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater with nobody in front of me was great!
  2. Delightful Star Wars-themed desserts and snacks:  If you have been to Hollywood Studios, you are no stranger to the Darth Vader cupcake.  This dark chocolate cupcake is filled with peanut butter and frosted in dark chocolate and is one of my “can’t miss” dessert.  At the dessert party, you are treated to a mini version of this dark-side delicacy and also several of the driod varieties, as well as cookies, drinks and savory snacks all Star Wars-themed.   I couldn’t choose between the light and dark side so thank goodness the snacks and desserts are all you can eat!
  3. The environment is completely immersed in Star Wars: The dessert party is held in the Star Wars Launch Bay area.  Guests with tickets to the dessert party check in outside the Star Wars Launch Bay 1-2 hours prior to the fireworks.  Then, grab a table and load up on all of the treats, mingle with Storm Troopers, Wookies and even some bad guys.  On my trip, we were able to do an exclusive Kylo Ren meet and greet at the Launch Bay.  About 20 minutes prior to the fireworks, we were personally escorted to our front and center viewing location by two Storm Troopers, which were the ultimate VIP escorts.
  4. You get Star Wars SWAG:  Upon leaving the Launch Bay and heading to the fireworks viewing location, we were all handed a bag with a bottle of water, hand warmers and a souvenir stein.  Some guests were given a Chewbacca cup, while myself and many others received the Captain Phasma stein.  Our group was quite excited about this!
  5. You get a lot for your money:  The Galactic Dessert Party is a separately ticketed event with adult prices at $79 and kids 3-9 prices at $45 plus tax.  The view of the fireworks alone is worth the upcharge, but when you consider the desserts, special character interaction and goodie bag, I feel like this a great value for the Star Wars lovers in your family.

For more information or to book tickets to the Star Wars Galactic Dessert Party, please contact your Me and the Mouse Travel Specialist.

Julie Stewart

Travel Specialist