Let’s face it, we all love having that bag full of goodies handed back to us after finding the perfect souvenir, keepsake, or gift at a Disney park or in a Disney store. Sometimes, it even feels like we have gone on a scavenger hunt to seek out something that is exactly right. A simple fun souvenir purchase can turn into a growing collection before you know it.

That innocent buy is precisely how my Disney ornament collection began. A long long time ago (2011), in a theme park far far away (Disneyland), I bought a Christmas tree ornament to remember our very first Disney family vacation. Little did I know that purchase would start a tradition to buy one or two ornaments each time I visited a Park or went on a Disney Cruise. My favorite ornaments have the year displayed, so I can remember when I got it, but I will be honest – I really love them all! I plan to continue to grow my collection for many more years to come.

Now, my collection is far different from my sister’s Disney collection. Her favorite thing is often associated with being inside a Disney park. She collects Ears; lots and lots of Disney Ears! Her collection probably has over 100 different pieces! Ears that celebrate the holidays, the different countries around EPCOT, light up “glow with the show” Ears and even those coveted sequenced Ears that sparkle in the sun. Do you have a pair of Ears to match your outfits every day at Disney? She sure does!

No matter your style, Disney probably has a collectible for you. Several art galleries with one of a kind paintings and colorful prints or beautiful glass figurines can be found throughout the Disney properties. If you’re looking for something a little lower key, then a Disney trading pin collection might be just right. With so many shops around the parks and on the Disney cruise ships, all with unique items, you’re sure to find that perfect item to start your new collection. So, tell me - what does Your Disney collection look like?