When you begin planning your next trip to Walt Disney World, what thoughts come to your mind?  Princesses?  Mickey Mouse?  Cinderella’s castle?  Is the newly re-opened Hall of Presidents on your “Must Do” list?  Legacy, history and patriotism is what comes to mind when I think of the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World.  On a recent visit to Magic Kingdom, I had the privilege of enjoying this classic attraction for the first time in over a decade!

Having grown up in Springfield, IL, the hometown of Abraham Lincoln, Presidential history was a constant throughout my education.   Perhaps, it may have caused me to lack the appreciation for the Hall of Presidents.  Over the last 20 years,  I had only visited this attraction less than 5 times.  This attraction has been closed for renovation for nearly a year, and honestly, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

We entered the attraction and were informed that the next show would take place in approximately 20 minutes.  The waiting area rotunda included A carpeted area that had the Great Seal of the United States on the floor.  There were many display cases throughout the waiting area with nostalgic pieces from past Presidents.  What I found incredibly interesting, was how engaged guests of all ages were in visiting all of the displays.  My children asked very interesting questions and even added additional information that they had learned in school.

Once the doors opened to the theater, we anxiously awaited the presentation.   This show included life like animatronic figures of all 45 Presidents of the United states.  The show also included music and video presentation on a 180 degree panoramic screen. Although, we all mentioned after our visit that many historically significant moments were featured, yet done in an entertaining way!!!  It was a major parental win!

Make certain to add Disney’s Hall of Presidents to your “Must Do’s” on your next trip.  Only through the vision of Walt Disney, could historical education and entertainment be seamlessly blended!   I have a new found appreciation for this attraction and I am sure this will be frequently enjoyed by my family!!!

What President are you most excited to see?

Missy Zolecki

Travel Specialist