A Review of Star Wars Weekends’ “Rebel Hangar”

Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, my family travels to Disney in May or June for Star Wars Weekends (SWW). We are SWW junkies and proud of it. We dress up, wait in line for character signatures AND try out all the new events.

This year Disney added an additional dining experience during SWW called the “Rebel Hangar.” It ended up being the most underrated, most loved event of our SWW experience.

The Rebel Hangar was located in part of the “Backlot Express”. It was crudely decorated with Star Wars items and memorabilia, but that was kinda the point. Rebels are constantly on the move hiding from the Empire. Nothing is to be organized or well put together. Some of the posters and art were quite funny and clever.rebel

The menu was served in the style of small plates, with a variety of drinks and refreshing sides. As a table we ordered: sliders, chicken and waffles, cheese plate, zesty french fries, and Star Wars themed cupcakes. The total came to about $84. The best part were the characters that roamed about the facility. They were interacting with each other and the guests. We saw Greedo, Jawas, Imperial Officers, and Star Wars Rebel Stars: Ezra and Sabine. I wasn’t expecting the characters, so it was EXTRA fun!

This was a much more affordable option than the other Star Wars Weekend dining experiences like the Star Wars Jedi Mickey Character Dining Meal and the Star Wars Galactic Dine-In Breakfast, where we have paid more than double. The other two dining experience are also 2 dining credits on the Disney dining plan.

In 2015 this dining experience was NOT on the dining plan and it required reservations. We checked in about 20 minutes prior to our reservations and we waited about 35 minutes for a table.

I am really hoping this returns for 2016! I am expecting it to cost more and be included on the dining plan.