Disney souvenirs are a “must” for any Disney vacation, but you don’t have to spend a fortune bringing home keepsakes from your Disney World vacation.  For 51 cents, you can have a treasured keepsake in your pocket! One of our favorite activities and souvenirs is collecting pressed pennies throughout Walt Disney World.   Children of all ages will find this to be an entertaining quest as they tour the parks, visit the shops and explore the various resort properties.   Pressed pennies (and quarters) can be found throughout all four theme parks, Downtown Disney, and all Walt Disney World resorts.We recommend bringing a roll of pennies and a couple of rolls of quarters with you so you have plenty of coins to press.  Children will love searching for penny presses while you tour the parks, visit the gift shops or explore the resorts.    If you want to spend a little extra money for a keepsake to collect their pennies in, most resort gift shops and theme park shops have  Pressed Penny Books for sale for about $8.00

Pressed penny souvenirs are just another hidden treasure among all the magic at the Disney parks.  Press a penny to remember meeting Mickey Mouse for the very first time.   Gather another penny to show that you defeated Zurg on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.  Collect a pressed penny to remember your first ride on Space Mountain.   Pressed pennies are a great way to share the memories and remember the moments for 51 cents at time!