In a previous blog - Benefits of the Hyatt Regency MCO - I’ve discussed the awesome accommodations at the Hyatt Regency located inside of Orlando International Airport. I hope to enlighten you now to the benefits of a Pre-Disney Cruise stay here as well!

We recommend arriving for your Disney Cruise and leaving from Port Canaveral at least 1 day early to avoid any hiccups with transportation. What better way to spend your pre-cruise night than in a plush hotel with a rooftop pool and with restaurants and shopping within walking distance?!

How do you book the Hyatt Regency MCO?  Your Me and The Mouse Travel Agent can seamlessly add a night’s stay to your current Disney Cruise Line reservation. Rates are competitive, but the benefit of this seamless addition means you know that Disney trusts this resort to give you the quality and service you’re used to with a Disney vacation!

How do I get from the Hyatt to the Port?  Your Me and The Mouse Travel Agent can assist you with your transportation of choice, but the easiest and most seamless is by adding on round-trip Disney Cruise Line transfers. You’ll ride in a luxury bus with other cruisers directly from MCO to the Port and back again!

Once your cruise is paid in full, your cruise documents are generated. Inside, all important information will be included – as well as Cruise Line Luggage Tags.

What do I do with the Cruise Line Luggage Tags when staying at the Hyatt Regency MCO?  Not to be confused with your Magical Express tags) Do NOT affix your Cruise Tags until your arrival in MCO!.  Cruise Line Luggage Tags will come tucked in your cruise documents and will have your stateroom listed on them. Each person in your group will have one tag assigned to them. When you check-in at the Hyatt Regency, alert the front desk that your room and transfers were booked through Disney Cruise Line and you will have luggage to be transferred to the Cruise Line buses in the morning. By doing so, this will ensure your ‘Welcome’ letter is delivered to your room with boarding instructions for the next morning.

Once inside your room at the Hyatt Regency, you’ll want to remove your Magical Express tags (if you used this service to return from WDW, if not, disregard this statement).  Affix your Cruise Line Luggage Tags before the morning of your cruise. This is a great time to rearrange your items so you have exactly what you want on hand for your first few hours on the cruise ship.

When is my luggage taken from my hotel room and taken to the cruise ship? On the morning of your cruise, someone from Bell Services at the Hyatt Regency will come to your room and take your luggage to the Cruise Line buses. You will not see this luggage again until after the ship has left port, so be sure you have everything you need (passports, cruise documents, etc) on hand, AND have the proper Cruise Line Luggage Tags affixed to all pieces of luggage taken.

What do I do after my luggage is taken?  Your port arrival time will determine when you leave, but more than likely your departure from Orlando International will be early. Once your luggage has been taken, you’ll head down to B side Magical Express terminal - your ‘Welcome’ letter in your room will give you specifics. With your cruise documents in hand, you’ll provide the Magical Express desk your cruise information and they will get you on the appropriate bus to embark on the most Magical Cruise on Earth!

This process really is a seamless, comfortable, and convenient way to start your cruise vacation!  Talk to your Me and The Mouse Travel Specialist to add these features to your cruise today!

Amy Sowinski

Travel Specialist