With the new Pokémon GO craze sweeping the nation, it’s no surprise it has hit Walt Disney World too! What do you need to know about playing the game at Walt Disney World…

1. PokeStops are everywhere- including on rides! While you can find a ton of Pokeballs on Main Street USA, you might not know that there are a lot of PokeStops inside rides.

2. Accept there are some places where you can’t go. Be aware there are PokeStops, gyms, and even Pokémon to be caught in areas that are off limits. It may be tempting to wander behind a wall but stick to playing in public areas for your own safety.

3. If you want to battle in a gym, get comfortable! Many of the gyms are five and six levels deep, which means you need time and patience. And probably another battery! Unless you have no reservations, stick to catching Pokémon and visiting PokeStops.

4. Be respectful to other guests. Remember some guests are actually at Walt Disney World to enjoy the park. While it’s okay to play the game while waiting in line, it’s probably not a good idea to play during shows.

5. Don’t forget to take pictures! The screenshot feature can provide some truly unique vacation photos!

Remember to use common sense while playing Pokémon GO at Walt Disney World and have fun!

Lori Steinnerd

Travel Specialist