Wash your hands at the Monster’s Inc. “scream cansinks, walk past “Boo’s Door” and step into the immersive, colorful, and exciting world of Disney’s newest childcare center- The Pixar Play Zone! This new, fun, and interactive childcare center is located on the 4thfloor of the Contemporary Resort- just minutes away from the Magic Kingdom. Decorated with subtle Pixar touches, and with the promise of nightly character interactions, crafts, dinner, toys and arcade games galore- what child wouldn’t want to spend a few hours in the company of Jessie and Woody from Toy Story or Mr. and Mrs. Incredible?

My two children recently had the chance to experience this interactive playland for themselves. Upon arrival you will be asked to sign your child in and fill out emergency contact information. If your child is dropped off between 5pm and 6pm- he or she will receive dinner while in the Pixar Play Zone, and you will be prompted to order their dinner upon check-in.

Once children are dropped off they get a wristband that serves as identification and also serves as their order for their meal later on. Upon entering, they are immediately instructed to use the child-sized Monsters Inc.-themed sinks at the entrance to thoroughly wash and dry their hands before playing. As a mother- I was thrilled to see that everyone was coming in to play with clean hands!

After that, the kids are free to pick their activity! There are craft stations, wall-to-wall arcade games that are always in “play” mode, and some really fun visits from Pixar pals! From time to time there are special activities for the children, like “Space Ranger Training,” where the counselors lead the children in how to use the imaginary Buzz Lightyear “laser beams” on their arms, and even pretended as if the Play Zone is a planet with no gravity.

This is followed by more hand washing and a leisurely break for dinner. My children enjoyed grapes as an appetizer, cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, chocolate milk and a cupcake for dessert. If your children stay until 10:30 (closing time) or if they were not dropped off in time for dinner— they will be served a snack between dinner and 10:30. Because my husband and I picked up our children early, around 8:30pm, they were given their snack (Goldfish crackers) to take with them.

Next, they will play with their favorite Toy Story characters in “Woody’s Roundup” where they will learn to lasso some (cardboard) outlaws with Sheriff Woody. A little later in the evening they get a special treat— a dance party with Mr. and Mrs. Incredible!

Upon checking out of the Pixar Play Zone, my children were each given a cinch backpack with the Contemporary Resort logo embroidered on the bag and a special tag that said, “Pixar Play Zone.” Also included was an autographed keepsake from Jessie and Woody and Mr. & Mrs. Incredible. They also received their crafts, drawings, an activity book, and temporary tattoos!

The cost for the Pixar Play Zone is $65 per child plus tax; the price includes dinner, and pre-payment is required at time of booking. The Pixar Play Zone is open to all children ages 4 - 12, not just resorts guests. All children must be fully potty-trained, play well with others, and not require any special care. The hours for the Pixar Play Zone are from 5pm until 10:30pm nightly.  If you drop your child before 6pm, he or she will receive dinner while in the facility.

At the end of the evening, my children didn’t want to be picked up, and actually asked to stay longer. They genuinely enjoyed their time in the Pixar Play Zone and are already looking forward to our next vacation, so they can go back again!

“My favorite thing was seeing Jessie and Woody and eating macaroni and making a bracelet.” – Alice, age 5

“I liked seeing Woody and Jessie and playing all the games they had.” Evie, age 8

Contact your Me and The Mouse Travel specialist for help with all of your vacation planning- including reservations for the Pixar Play Zone!

Beth Foster

Travel Specialist