epcot passport compressed

As a lover of Epcot, having my children enjoy World Showcase has always been important to me. Appreciating how other countries influence our world is easily forgotten. How wonderful it is that Disney hires cast members from the countries that are placed all around World Showcase. I want to encourage my children to talk with the people and learn something about them but my children are by nature very shy. This prompted my search into finding out what Disney offers for kids to learn and have fun while exploring World Showcase.

For young children, simple and straight forward interaction is usually best. For purchase at Epcot, is an Epcot Passport package containing a passport booklet, multiple stickers for each country, and a button. If you have the initiative before you go for your vacation, you can also craft a passport at home with supplies purchased at a local craft store. Walking around to each country, kids can go to each Kidcot station with their passport in hand. The cast members at each station stamp their passport, and write in their passport about their country. The facts written always relate to kids and are often in their native language in addition to English. It is a great conversation starter for children to ask questions and learn something new.

Another great activity for children to enjoy World Showcase is the Agent P World Showcase Adventure. Kids can work individually or in groups of up to four, to stop villains from carrying out a dastardly crime within a country. Kids sign up for the adventure at one of three recruitment centers located in Innoventions East, Innoventions West, and the plaza between Future World and World Showcase.  Just look for the cast members with the aqua blue shirts to get started.  There they pick up a cell-phone like communication device (F.O.N.E.) and follow the clues to solve the interactive mystery. Each mission takes place approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete one country and takes the children throughout the country having them gather various information and sometimes interact with the cast members to complete the mission. Don’t be surprised if they ask to work on another mission in a different foreign land once they complete the first one!

If you have done both of the above activities or have older children, you may wish to create your own scavenger hunts throughout World Showcase to engage your children for as long or as short a time as you wish. Each country is filled with architecture, food, merchandise, and occasional characters that the hunts can be tailored to suit the personalities of those with you. For a simple search, have them go through each country looking for an item that starts with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

World Showcase is filled with experiences that can capture your child’s imagination and open their eyes to the wonderful WORLD we live in. Take the time to encourage your child while you explore the countries and watch how a love of our beautiful world takes hold in their hearts!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist