Are you looking for a way your little one can have a unique experience at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends [mid-May thru Mid-June]? Consider the Padawan Mind Challenge. Designed for kids ages 4 to 11, this interactive trivia event will test your little ones’ Star Wars knowledge.
My six-year-old participated in the event during SWW 2015. It was the first time and we loved the experience. We headed to Hollywood Studios for SWW and we were at the gate one hour before park opening. SWW are a little crowd crazy, and if you want to participate in any of the activities you need to sign-up when the park first opens. Padawan Mind Challenge 1
Signup was located at the ABC Sound Studio. The participant [Padawan] and one adult had to be present for signup, no exceptions. We walked straight to the ABC Studio and signed up easily. Most people were hoping to sign their little ones up for the Jedi Training Academy, which can be very difficult to participate in on these special weekends. For more information about Jedi Training visit: 
After signups, Padawans were given a time to return to the main stage. The Padawan Mind Challenge was led by the silly galactic duo Snig and Oopla. Star Wars Rebel characters were also on stage to add to the excitement.
Every Padawan was given a blue and red lightsaber. Every question was in relation to Star Wars Rebels and it had two possible answers. Padawans were instructed to answer either blue or red and to hold up the colored lightsaber they believed to be correct. Participants who answered incorrectly were asked to stand to the side with the characters of Star Wars Rebels, and those who answered correctly were allowed to advance to the next round. There were no real losers or winners, and it was more fun and silly than anything serious. Several participants made it to the final round.Padawan Mind Challenge 2
The last Padawans standing were asked a little bit about themselves and everyone clapped for them. For the very last question all the Padawans were allowed back in the game and won a prize [Star Wars Action Figure].
During this time, the family of the Padawans were allowed front stage access and their kiddos were always in direct line of sight. My little Padawan, Liliana, loved this event and it was less scary than the Jedi Training Academy for her. It was a very cute show and we can’t wait to do it again!