Package Pickup Compressed

If you’re anything like me, part of your Disney World Vacation involves looking for an extra cute, can’t-live-without souvenir either for yourself or someone you love. I try not to buy anything on my first day at the parks, but what’s a girl to do when she knows it might not be there when she comes back?

Keeping track of and carrying around all your purchases made in a day can be quite tiresome and frustrating. Kids love to have their beloved purchases with them at all times but that means more things you have to make sure don’t end up in the lost and found area. Once again, Disney has made it easy for shoppers and for that I’m extremely thankful. Enter in Disney’s package delivery service.  Disney offers multiple, convenient choices for package delivery and almost all of them are free!

The first option for package delivery is for those that want immediate gratification but really don’t want to carry their items around each day.  Upon checking out with your items, simply let the cast member know that you want your purchases held during the day and delivered to the specially designated area at the park, located near the front entrance. It’s an easy and free service but it will take a few hours for your items to get to the proper location. When it’s time to leave, stop by the pickup area and your package will be there waiting for you!

If you are willing to wait until the next afternoon, packages can also be picked up at your Disney resort, at no additional charge to you. In addition to your basic information, you will need to give the cast member your resort and room number at check-out. While the items won’t be delivered directly to your room, they will be located near or in the gift shop and generally you will not need to wait in any lines to pick your items up. Deliveries to your resort can be made from any of the parks and most shops in Downtown Disney. Be sure not to use this service on the day before you check-out as your package may not arrive in time.

For those of you that have large purchases and don’t have room to bring them home with you, your best option might be to have Disney mail your packages to your home. Disney uses FedEx and UPS for their deliveries and will pass the extra charge on to you. Just imagine how it feels to see a box from Disney sitting on your doorstop!

Shopping is definitely made easier thanks to Disney’s package delivery service. So with that ease and convenience, I wish you some happy Disney shopping!

Michelle Browne

Travel Specialist