Experience all of the Magic of the Tree of Life

Tree of Life Awakening

One of the first things that people see when they walk into Animal Kingdom is the Tree of Life. It is one of the few artificial plants in Animal Kingdom that stands at 145 ft. tall. The tree can withstand the severe weather of Central Florida.  The branches and leaves were built to not move. However, they look as if they are real.

Most people look upon the tree as the symbol of Animal Kingdom but as they draw closer, they notice the intricate details of the truck and tree branches which make this feature a piece of art.  As you begin to look in detail at the branches and leaves, you begin to notice how tree branches evolve into animals or how the shape of one animal then transforms into another.  The tree itself does not have any moving mechanical parts but guests who visit in the evening hours after dark soon learn of the unique experience that the Disney Imagineers have brought to this statuesque icon of Animal Kingdom. Tree of Life Awakening

After dark, the Tree of Life transforms through the magic of high-tech lighting into a moving masterpiece telling stories and secrets of the animals in the tree.  Disney describes the setting of this “awakening” as the tree is brought to life by magical fireflies who help to awaken the animals.  Guests will get to see animals waking up from slumber or young does prancing across the tree.  A spry fox frolics in the snow until a large bear comes along.  These are just a few of the imageries you’ll experience as you watch the tree come to life.

When the animals are not moving, the tree is lite with a rainbow of colors that change. It is a wonderment to watch the tree and search for the little details such an animal’s tail move, while waiting for the next light show to begin.  The projections of the animals occur for only a few short periods of time so be sure to grab a snack and fine a spot to view the magical experience of the tree.



Animal Kingdom offers a variety of things to see and do after nightfall.  It’s a less crowded time to visit the park and a fun time to experience attractions.

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  • Coming Soon Rivers of Light Show.


Roxanne Genovese

Travel Specialist