Think Disney is just for families and couples, guess again!

Let me just say this, I love Disney!  I’ve been there more times that I can count with my family.  I’ve also been with my husband and our new family.  During each of these vacations, we were able to build some awesome memories that we will never forget.  Earlier this past year, I got to experience Disney in a way I’ve not experienced it before, on my own!


I spent quite a bit of time in Orlando this past spring and it took me away from my family and friends.  I suddenly realized, why not go and spend some time at Disney!  Even though I would be by myself, I knew I would be in a place surrounded by all of the happy memories that I’ve built over the years.  Once I arrived at the resort, I was so happy with my decision.


There are quite a few benefits of exploring Disney on your own.  The biggest one is being on my own schedule.  If I wanted, I could hop on a bus to Disney Springs and go explore all of the new shops.  My favorite shops were The Marketplace Co-op and Disney’s Days of Christmas. There are a lot of fun and unique Disney items to look at and buy!

The Boathouse at Disney Springs - On your own!

After shopping, I was able to decide where I’d like to eat at Disney Springs.  I didn’t have any reservations since I didn’t decide to go to Disney until the last minute, but when you are a party of one, that doesn’t matter too much.  Almost all of the restaurants in Disney Springs are able to accommodate walk in party of 1 guests by sitting at the bar or in the lounge area.  I was thrilled when I was able to walk right up to The Boathouse, take a seat at the bar, and have one of the best meals ever. You’ll have the same menu no matter where you sit in the restaurant. Also, sitting at the bar offers the opportunity to chat with some guests sitting next to you or even some of the Disney cast members.Enchanted Tiki Room Walt Disney World- on your own!


Being on your own schedule also carries over into the parks.  Sometimes when traveling with family, you tend to not do everything that maybe you’d like to do.  That happens!  When you’re there on your own, you’re able to see and do everything that you want to do.  My childhood favorite is The Enchanted Tiki Room.  It has been a long time since I’d been in that attraction.  It was one of those things that fell down low on the list of priorities when traveling with others.  I was pretty excited to go in for a visit by myself and see that it really hadn’t changed much from what I remembered from seeing it so long ago.


Even though I missed my family and friends, it was a great way to experience Disney.  Don’t be afraid to explore Disney on your own, you’ll create memories you’ll never forget!

Leigh Miller

Travel Specialist