Some people are lucky enough to travel to Disney World more than once in their lifetime.  If you are so lucky, you may find comfort in doing the same things you enjoyed from past trips on your current trip, like staying in a resort you loved, eating at the same dining locations, riding your top attractions, and even planning your days to be just like they were on your last trip.  Sometimes it is hard to step out of your comfort zone and make different plans.

I more than excited for my next trip!  Why?  Because I am going to break tradition and add some new things to my itinerary that I’ve never done.


Here are some things you can opt to do to switch up your Disney trip to keep the fun and excitement fresh if you are a frequent visitor to the Disney World Resort:

      1. Stay somewhere new.

We all have a favorite Disney Resort and we       have the underlying fear of “what if I don’t like a new location?  I’m       comfortable with where we have stayed.”…But what could be amazing is,       you could find a new favorite?  It is worth the risk, don’t you think?

      2. Try a split stay.

Stay at one resort for one half of your trip and then switch to another for the second half.  This will work well when referring back to number 1.  If you put the new resort as your first resort and then a family favorite as the second part, you get the best of both worlds. 

Some guests really want to stay at a Deluxe Resorts as well, but the price can sometimes be intimidating.  With a split stay, guests can enjoy a Value or a Moderate Resort for the first part of their stay and then move to a Deluxe for the last half or couple of days.  This way you get the experience of the Deluxe without a big price tag for the entire trip!


      3. Try new dining locations or times.

 If you are use to going to dinner at a particular       restaurant, why not change it up and make a breakfast reservation instead?  The change may even allow you to have a different experience in the park as well.  Imagine being able to eat breakfast and then have the entire day free and clear of any time commitments…or vice versa. Both are great ways to spend your day!

Dole Whip

      4. Drive vs Fly….yes you heard me!

Why not try a whole new experience  and drive to Florida for an added experience with your family?  You can always mark places you would like to stop and visit along the way.    Always keep in mind that driving can add time to your vacation and if you are limited to the amount of days you have to spend in Disney. If you can get the extra days to drive down, you will be able to enjoy the excitement of a road trip before you arrive to your destination!

      5. Stop and watch a street performance, parade, or show that you may not have ever taken the time to see.

These forms of entertainment are all free to you when you are at the park!

      These entertainment acts are what make the park more than just a theme park, they make it a wonderful experience! Check out the times guides when you visit. 

      6. A day of NO dining plans!

Oh no!!  What??  Yes, you heard me right. If you are on the plus dining plan, you will get one table service meal per night stay per person in your party.  This doesn’t mean you need to enjoy a sit down restaurant per day!  You can choose to enjoy two meals       in one day (a breakfast and a dinner) or maybe one signature dining  restaurant which will use two table service credits.  Either way you choose to do it, you will free yourself up for no reservations for an entire day!!  There are quick service restaurants throughout the parks and resorts to keep you well fed, but it’s nice because then you’re on your own schedule.  I say it’s the best of both worlds!  You get the luxury of the dining plan and enjoying the AMAZING locations Disney has to offer, but you get a food rest day too, which for those who have been to Disney more than once knows you may definitely need!

There are so many more things you can do, these are just a few. Ask you Me and The Mouse agent what they recommend to switch up your travel plans!


What will I be doing on my trip? 

  • We will be staying at two resorts during our stay, the Pop Century Resort and the Port Orleans French Quarter, both of which I have never stayed at.  While staying at Pop Century, we’ll explore the grounds and enjoy the fun filled décor it has to offer.  We’ll also visit the Art of Animation Resort and visit their food court, Landscape of Flavors.  Port Orleans French Quarter will be a quiet and laid back setting for me and my family.  I have always wanted to visit there and now it will be one step closer to staying at all the Moderate Resorts.   
  • We will be enjoying Ohana at the Polynesian for Breakfast instead of Dinner.  I have never eaten here for Breakfast, but know I will love the experience just as much as I love their dinner menu.  PLUS we get to eat with some of my favorite characters!
  • We are also enjoying two NEW restaurants I have never tried, Le Cellier in the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot and The Boathouse which is one of the newest restaurants in the new Disney Springs area.  Both are signature dining!
  • Taking three days to have NO dining reservations booked.  How am I accomplishing this?  We are eating at a breakfast and Signature dining in one day and another signature dining restaurant later in the trip.  Doing this frees up some time for us to have open days with limited plans other than fastpass reservations.  This will make my husband VERY happy and I think I will enjoy this change as well!
  • Some little things we will also do is pin trade, autograph books (yes, I was that mom who didn’t do the books, but will now that my children are older), and try the famous Dole Whip!  I have never done any of these things, but to enhance my trip, I am ready to add a little bit of extra fun!

The changes you choose to do, do not need to be completely out of left field.  You can still enjoy many of the things you love while there, but with a little revamping of your plans, a repeat trip can be made to feel like your very first trip all over again!

Megan Thompson 

Travel Specialist