Efficiently touring Disney World is key to getting the most out of your vacation.  Disney offers an amazing free app for your smartphone called My Disney Experience (MDE) to do just this!  It houses all trip details (i.e. resort reservation, park tickets, dining reservations, etc) in a single account!  It keeps your trip plans organized, plus does so much more!

My top 5 MDE features: My Disney Experience App

  1. PhotoPass:

This feature lists the location of PhotoPass photographers and rides with the PhotoPass option.  Filter by the park you’re in and be amazed by all the places available to capture your magical memories!   You will get the most out of your photo package purchase the more you stop.

  1. Wait Times:

Vacations never seem long enough, so spend your time wisely to get the most out of your day!  Using the wait times feature allows you to see all current wait times for the park you’re enjoying and displays any rides closures.

How great would it be to know your favorite attraction has a 90 minute wait time before making the trip across the park?  It’s a great time managing feature!

My Disney Experience App Wait Times

  1. FastPass+:

This option is a favorite for guests looking to ride as many attractions as they can with little to no wait!  Using FastPass+, 3 FastPasses can be pre-booked per park day before the start of your trip.  AFTER pre-booked FastPasses are used/expired, rolling FastPasses are available.  Simply go to FastPass+ to see rides and times available.  You can also do this for a different park (if you’re using a hopper pass).  Once expired/used, additional rolling FastPasses can be booked one at a time, until availability runs out.  It’s a great way to maximize park time!

**Attractions are subject to availability.

  1. Directions:

A lot of guests ask how to get from one location to another on property (within a park or across Disney property).  Using the magnifying glass in the top right, search and select your destination.  Then choose the “Get Directions” option and input where you want directions from.  Your transportation options, transit time, and a map or step by step directions will appear.  The app provides one set of directions to a location, although there may be more.

Note that times do not reflect wait times for buses!

My Disney Experience App Directions

  1. Dining:

It’s vacation, so let’s eat!  With all the varying food options in Disney parks, it can be overwhelming.  The dining tab has helpful options to quickly find what you’re hungry for.  It’s a quick and efficient way to narrow down your options!

Sort options include:

  • Park or resort
  • Type of cuisine
  • Meal Type (breakfast, lunch, etc)
  • Locations that take the dining plan
  • Price ranges…and more!

You can select a restaurant and view their menu details with a single click!

Explore and familiarize yourself with the MDE app before you travel to get familiar with all the information at your fingertips.  This is one way technology can truly enhance your touring ability in the parks.