The Behind the Seeds Tour

The Behind the Seeds Tour is often missed and many guests don’t realize that they can go behind the scenes of the Living with the Land attraction. There you are about to learn about Disney’s greenhouses and those unique Mickey pumpkins.  There is a fee for this 1 hour walking tour and you’ll see a different side of Disney that you haven't experienced before.  Mickey Pumpkins - Behind the Seeds Tour

The tour is informational and children are welcome to participate with their parents to see a little of the magic behind the scenes.  Guests start their tour by learning about the “good and bad” bugs that help with the growth of the plants.  Children may be given the opportunity to release some of the ‘good bugs’ (aka lady bugs) into the greenery as the tour moves along.

Mickey Pumpkins - Behind the Seeds Tour

Hydroponics is one of the many processes that Disney uses to grow plants. Guests can see how plants are grown only in water.  Along with hydroponics, Disney uses other processes to help shape, grow and produce a few of the vegetables that are eaten at the restaurants on property.  The Mickey Pumpkins are one example of how Disney creates a little magic in its greenhouses. You’ll be able to see this process, too.


As you move out of the greenhouses, the tour then takes you to the aquaculture area.  Here you will see the fish hatcheries up close.  If time permits, you may be able to feed the fish. The guides are knowledgable and can answer your questions regarding the greenhouses, processes and hatcheries. Mickey Pumpkins - Behind the Seeds Tour


The Behind the Seeds Tour is great for the entire family.  There is no age restriction for this tour and it is reasonably priced. If you’re looking for something different to do while at Disney, try this tour.  You’ll get some amazing pictures of Disney behind the scenes, learn something new, and get to see how they grow those Mickey pumpkins.     


If you are interested in adding the Behind the Seeds Tour to your upcoming Disney trip, let your Me and The Mouse agent know!


Roxanne Genovese

Disney Vacation Planner