What To Do if You Need Medical Attention At Disney 

No one wants to think about a medical emergency happening on vacation, but it is better to be prepared. Whenever we travel, I'm always sure to pack a first aid kit which includes bandaids, neosporin, Ibuprofen, and Benadryl. I also like to know where the closest Urgent Care is located.

If you are at the Walt Disney World parks and have a minor medical issue, there are first aid stations located in the park manned by nurses that can assist you. They are available during park hours to provide such things as bandaids and over the counter medications. This allows you to get fixed up and still enjoy your day at the park.sickmickey

Should you need a physician while visiting Disney World, there are Urgent Care centers located just off of Disney property. Just notify a cast member that you are in need of medical attention at the Urgent Care and they will get you on your way. Disney will provide transportation to these facilities. You are able to see a physician and get back to your vacation. Keep in mind there are no pharmacies at the Urgent Care centers so you will still need to located a pharmacy if needed. We experienced a trip to the Urgent Care in 2013. The cast members at our resort were wonderful. We explained the situation and they got us transportation to the Urgent Care eventhough it was ten o'clock in the evening. After our visit, we did need a pharmacy so our cab driver took us to the closest Walgreens. In all our trip took about 90 minutes and my son was feeling better by the next morning.

If you are having a more serious medical emergency, notify one of the cast members and they will call for help or you may call 911 from your cell phone. Disney World has their own paramedic team on property so they can get to you pretty quick and they work closely with the local hospitals. If you call for help yourself, be sure to specify you are on Disney property.

Just remember at the most magical place on earth, emergencies can still happen so be prepared!\

Lori Steinnerd

Travel Specialist