So much food. So little time.
We have the perfect plan for you!

Today we're discussing how to get the biggest bang for your buck with Disney's dining plan! Let's get started!

I know many guests add the plus dining plan to their Disney World package.  The plan gives you 1 table service, 1 quick service, and 1 snack credit per person per night stay.  You get ALL those credits at the beginning of your trip, meaning you can spend those credits whenever you’d like.  WDW Character Dining Lifestyle Shoot. 2013. Photographer: Melanie AcevedoMost guests plan to eat one table service meal per day.  The benefits are:  they get a break in their day, they regroup as a family, and try some of the best restaurants on property.


Something many don’t think about before traveling, is the amount of food they will consume by having a table service meal (along with a quick service meal and snack) per day and what is their personal food limit is.  Disney portions are VERY generous!  This may leave you rolling out of the parks at the end of your trip because you ate so much AMAZING food!  If you worry about this overfull feeling, the dining plan can STILL work for you.  You can modify the way you utilize your credits and still get your money’s worth.  This plan is also ideal for families that want some days with open schedules.  Disney vacations have so much planning, that those open days are worth something to a lot of guests!


On my last 7 night trip, we had THREE days with no dining reservations.  This allowed for stomach breaks, chances to try new amazing snacks, and a more open schedule for some unpredictability.  To do this type of schedule, try one or two signature locations (uses 2 credits instead of 1), or plan to eat at two locations in one day (having a breakfast and dinner).  This allows for fast passes being the only real “plans” you have for a day and are able to be modified, if need be (based on availability).


Day Park Dining Table Service Credit(s)
Monday Magic Kingdom No Dining Planned 0
Tuesday Epcot Cape May Breakfast 1
Le Cellier Dinner 2
Wednesday Hollywood Studios/Swim No Dining Planned 0
Thursday Swim/Magic Kingdom Crystal Palace Dinner 1
Saturday Animal Kingdom/Disney Springs Boathouse Dinner 2
Sunday Magic Kingdom No Dining Planned 0
Monday Check-out day 0
Total: 7




With this plan, we were able to still dine at a couple of our favorite locations, try new locations, and have “unplanned” days, knowing we didn’t have to get to a reservation.  If you’re looking for more flexibility in your vacation days, this is definitely an option to make it happen!  We carefully planned the use of our quick service credits in order to cover our dining needs on the “off days” to avoid paying out of pocket.


You can have wonderful food experiences AND open park days.  Get the most out of your vacation by making a plan that works best for your family!


**NOTE: In 2017, the plus dining plan will change to provide 2 snack credits

Megan Thompson

Disney Vacation Planner